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[TMM43]Digital Girl [?]

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Jan 11, 2008 | 2:10 PM EST
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4.33 / 5.00

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Rated 4.33 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

Remix of some song.

I had a lot of fun making this, and I like how it turned out. I hope you do too! (2:47)

PLEASE vote/review!

You review me, I review you!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

awesome song man!

holy shit, that about sums up what this song is like. The transitions where perfect, i liked how you barley used hi hats but replaced that with hi hats. Great idea! I liked that sort of pad melody that flows perfectly with the melody. The "are you ready" vocals i've heard you use that before, and same with the "FREEZE"

I'm at the piano part and it brings the whole peice down to an epic flow. then the bass comes in, which btw, you probably could've made the bass a bit louder. The FREEZE part along with the snares to bring back the melody is unbelievable. Ending is fine, a fade out with a shortened melody.
9/10 cause of some technical stuff and a 5/5

awesome job man, when the hell are we going to work on that collab?
Dj-Unknown or Dj-Known =P XD

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Rated 4 / 5 stars


Man, awesome swell and melody in the beginning. It really sucked me in. I get some nice rave vibes from the rest, but it's not my kinda thing, really. Still, pretty nice production and ideas throughout, and the mellow break is pretty sweet.

Maybe slap on some more frills and details here and there, but it's rave after all. :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Looks like I'm a bit too late...

Seeing as you've got another submission up and all. D: But I promised a big review, and you're going to get one! >:)

Great synth you started with there, though I recognize it - Nexus, right? I might be wrong, though I know for sure I've heard that synth SOMEWHERE before... hmm. Either way, try to keep your synths disguised - like this, it works for the casual listener (though in some cases even they might recognize an overused sound), but all of your fellow artists will notice. ;) If you disguise the things you use, it'll have a new sound to everyone. :D

On that note, I'll bring up your vocal FX, and your hits - Vengeance Essential Clubsounds, right? I don't have any real comments about their use, but rather that you used them at all. Once again, try to make it difficult to recognize what sounds you're using, so you've got a unique sound that you can call your own. ;D I'm recognizing your hit, "Are you ready?", "Freeze!", and the transition at 0:20. Also, another thing - I see you're using multiple vocal FX samples, some of them only once or twice throughout the song. I understand the concern for diversity, but try to keep the number of samples you use like that to a minimum - it gives the listener something to come back to. ;)

Next, your synths and composition. Composition is great in this song, though I would have liked to hear a bit more rhythmic diversity - the melody had some, but just a little bit more and it would have been perfect in my opinion. Synths are all well-chosen - once again, try not to use them raw, but give them some additional FX so they sound different. (This applies to the last paragraph too, by the way. :P) Synths are all good - nice sidechained bass, by the way! :D It could have been a bit more bassier in my opinion, but it did the job. Your lead is a bit thin in my opinion, and too quiet in places. Miscellaneous other synths/instruments are all fine. I don't recognize that piano, which is great - I vaguely remember hearing it somewhere, but otherwise it's completely new to me. Way not to use FL Keys! XD

Now for your drums - your snare is the first one I'm hearing, and I've heard tons of snares just like it before. FX might be in order here. ;) Thankfully, its volume is fine. Kick is new, I haven't heard one like it before, which is good - though it could be EQed better. Or, maybe just the rest of the song around it - my guess is the boom of the kick is getting lost in the clutter (see next paragraph) of the rest of the song. The clap and hihats also get drowned out by the rest of the song, I can hardly hear them - they need to be louder! ;D Try EQing them as well, (raise the higher frequencies) for a slightly different sound, and then choose between the sound of a different EQ and a higher volume. Sometimes one is better, sometimes it's the other. The crash is good, but could be a little bit louder. Your reverse crash is also good, no complaints.

Lastly, mixing/EQing. It's decent, but it could use some improving. The song overall has a cluttered sound, possibly by having too many instruments playing at the same time, with too much reeverb. It might be that your bass is a sidechained pad... maybe a sharper sidechain and better individual EQing would give you a cleaner sound? I think that the overall mixing/EQing could do with a bit more work as well - I don't know specifically what's wrong but I can tell this song could sound better as a whole. ;) Stick a Fruity Parametric EQ (or Fruity Parametric EQ 2, or whatever equalizer you use if you don't use FL Studio) on the master channel and play around, you might get something you like. ;D

Overall, it's definitely a decent song - you definitely know what you're doing! ;D However, you've also got a long way to go. So hope this review helps, and sorry again for being late! :) I'll give this an 8/10, and I'll vote 5. :D One other thing - my latest song hasn't gotten a review in a while, any chance you could stop by and tell me what you think? I'd definitely appreciate it. ;D Thanks a lot and keep up the great work! :D

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TMM43 responds:

Karco what a long review! Possibly the longest I've received to date! Thank you very much for this. (No sarcasm) I try to keep my responses to my reviews the same length as the review its self... so here it goes!

The synths are indeed from Nexus. You've caught me. :( I've grown accustom to using many of the same synths and saws in my songs only because I'm comfortable with them. I suppose I should start breaking out of my norm and using other things I'm not so comfortable with. I guess I needed someone to give me a wake up call. :D

Again, you've caught me red handed! My what an ear you have. Again my usage of the unoriginal vocals is due to the fact that it's my norm. I probably should break out of it... haha
The there's a challenge. I have so many FX that it's kinda hard for me to go through them all. I try to mix things up with FX because I have a tendency to have a minor problem with repetition. Minor is used lightly here. I will, however take your advice into consideration when creating my next piece!

My synths! Ugh.. Every song I try to get some new ones. Some that are new to me, but not new to the listener. I like to make things that everyone has heard of, but at the same time, I try to make things that everyone hasn't quite heard. Again, this goes back to my comfort zone. I really need to break out of that, don't ya think? haha
The piano on the other hand is something that I personally think I've perfected. I try not to use the same one in every song, unless I really have to. :D I'm going to keep what I use a secret! haha

I'm not one to use snares. I know they really make songs, but they also break them. I've had a few songs where the Snare was too loud and unique sounding, or in this case, a snare that isn't loud enough and generic. It's a win lose situation. haha
The kick on the other hand was created by mistake. I had a generic kick with a sample thrown on top of it, and I guess it came out really nice. :P
Believe it or not, but this song barley has any high hats! I decided to try something new. I put a clap in where the high hat should have been, and then added a louder clap every other beat. ha, strange, but it works!
The crash...OH the crash. What a struggle for me... I'm not sure if it's my speakers or what, but everything sounds different through the speakers I use. Not like distorted, but somethings sound louder than others. But only by a little...So the crashes sound louder than they really are through my speakers. I think it's about time to get some new ones huh? :D

Mixing/EQing is one of my biggest problems. I'm a self taught Fruity Loops user, and every song is a learning experience for me. I do something different each song and I learn something new. I just recently learned how to mix/EQ, so you'll have to pardon me on that for now. haha
I'll defiantly take your advice on EQing on my next song. Any advice right now can only help me.

I'm glad you liked the song. I aim to please. I know...The road to success is a long and hard one, and I'm only just starting.
This review helped me SO much, you have no idea. I'm just honored that someone took the time to make a review this thoughtful and helpful. For that I can not thank you enough.
Again, thanks for the vote and the AMAZING review.
-TMM43 (DJ-Pinke)

I WILL indeed review your song! It's the least I can do!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really just loved this song. I love those saws in the background. They sound awesome. That piano was nice too.


Rated 5 / 5 stars



I have to say, you're quickly becoming one of my favorite artists on this site. Excellent transitions, superb integration of sound effects, and righteous beats. Bravo. No suggestions whatsoever, this is outstanding in it's own originality.

Well done.
5/5 10/10 Downloaded & Fav'd

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