A 'My Newgrounds' Parody

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You know those My Newgrounds flashes that are starting to show up on the front page? They show a Newgrounder describe what they do that is related to the site whether it be flash or audio. This is a parody of those flashes that showcases the average Newgrounder and their activity on the site.

Thanks to BlueHippo for giving me the initial inspiration to make this.

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I love your take on the sad reality of the users on newgrounds :)

you should do ones for specific users.


*has to grab my chapstick. . .

'cause my lips are cracked, from smiling so much*
Oh Man 36Holla---------->
I have no clue, what's up with you hatin' on this TheOwner/LeeOwner or whatever his name is, B-U-T, I am likin' it, I gotta say! This little ditty got me smiling at first. Then it grew into a wicked smirk. As your voice carried on, mocking this guy and talking about the BBS, that was it. I full on, started laughing outloud. The whole thing about wanting to be a forum mod and PM'ing Wade 50 times, hentai, which game is better, being 14, the Bagel Shop chick. . . ALL of it, was spec-freakin'tacular! Good luck on your marriage, in the Bahamas!

Ha ha ha ha! Man, I only wish you would get pissed, or wanna make fun of MORE people, JUST so I could sit here and listen to it! Good job on bringing a smile and some laughter to a lowly noob, such as myself! :)

.............Take care, be good and OWN.period

Reminds me of my cousin

it just sounds the same , he keeps talking about how he is the " Ultimate master of runescape " . My favorite thing was the "Girlfriend" thing haha it's so sad but funny.

Awesome man

Ruben -Acid Paradox-

Btw about the other review i made, Yeah it was "hard" , i was going to make a longer review but i accidentally click the "submit review" button.....Then i just face-palmed myself

I like.

You definitely have a good sense of humor, in that you mock something you are a part of. I laughed a bit inside and it entertained me. I would like to hear more. Keep up the work.

Kind regards -

Just wow!

Sounds like davidzx

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Jan 6, 2008
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