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West Virginia

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Author Comments

Right so it’s me. I’m alive, believe it or not, and I’ve been working on this release longer than any other of my songs. I’ve spent hours and hours rethinking this one over and over and eventually I was just like “screw it, take these two songs and go.” Sorry if you guys are disappointed with this one, but I think after all this time I owe you all something lmao.

As I said, I’m releasing two brand new originals at the same exact time. The other song has been released on my soundcloud:


The link above is to the original version of the song, the one I made first before completely revamping the entire thing. Basically the original version was meant to solve harmony issues by using dissonance as a tool for creating the uneasy tone but it overall just didn’t fit the state and I don’t like it as much as this new version. The new version is way more consonant and keeps that electric feel in the second “drop” (that’s not really the term here is it?). A lot of elements between the two songs are shared, such as the organ and lead instruments, but I did change the slim lead to a trance lead in the new version. The new version is also mixed better in my opinion and has an intro that calls back to the first Virginia way better than the old version. Either way, go ahead and listen to both, see which one you prefer.

I should talk about this version here, more details about the old one can be found in that song’s description. Basically I tried to fix the issues found in the first Virginia by using a different melody, greater harmony, and make it all less chordy. You’ll notice that the first drop lacks a ton of harmony, and that was done on purpose. The second drop introduces a whole new melodic line that I think works well with the flutes. Also at the end, a trumpet comes in and plays the melody one last time (this is true for both versions, but the new version outro is better). Anyways, I’ll let you hear the rest of it, enjoy!

Note: Newgrounds won’t let me name the song "West Virginia" because a bug in their system makes it so that if you publish a song, unpublish it, delete that song, and try to make a new project and upload a song with the same name, it says you’ve already published a song with that name. I had to reupload as a new project instead of using the old one because I wanted this in the “latest” section of the portal.

Edit: I fixed the title (finally) by adding a second space in between west and Virginia, which newgrounds registered as one space.

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Hey, 50Steaks! Good to know you're still alive, haha. You can take as much time as you need on your songs, you don't owe us anything. Like as I say with video games, rather take longer to produce a masterpiece than to rush it and make something mediocre.

Anyway, after listening to this song, I really like it. It's short and sweet, and I really like what you did with the intentional dissonance. You played around with the feelings of hopefulness and eeriness really well and I think the blend of the two really worked together in making an interesting and unique piece.

With your more recent songs, you've started branching out with new ideas and tones which I think is really nice. You're experimenting with feelings and I think it adds a lot of personality to your music.

I can definitely tell that you spend a lot more time working on a good melody. It works in unison (mostly) with the melody and it really drives the eerie theme with all of its diminished-sounding chords. Also, I feel like this is your best melody so far. It's super catchy and fun to listen to.

Anyway, to wrap things up. I really like this song. I can tell you put a lot of effort and thought into it and it really shows. It's a short but certainly sweet piece. Also, never feel like you need to rush to get your songs done. As I said, it's better to take longer and make a masterpiece than to rush it and make something mediocre :)

50Steaks responds:

Hahaha you think this is dissonant? Try listening to the original lmao.

Well yeah of course the worst thing I could do is rush through these final few songs and leave myself and everyone else hanging. I don’t think this is a masterpiece by any means, either version, but I do like the melody. Thing is, by the time I was finishing the new version, I’ve heard this melody so much that I may have gotten sick of it, hence why it’s not very present in most of this version. The old version, yes, it’s very dominant, but this new one, I decided to make a third melody that would just take over in the second drop (or first drop idk). Also at 3 minutes long it isn’t really THAT short, it’s just the intro that makes it seem shorter.

I feel like this song fixes every issue I had with the original Virginia. It has WAY more harmony and progression, has a better melody that isn’t as repetitive, and doesn’t overstay its welcome. I’m glad you liked it too, and if I can ever figure out how, I will make the title just West Virginia to be less confusing.

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4.73 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2022
5:18 PM EDT
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4.1 MB
3 min 1 sec
  • FL Studio Mobile

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