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Zealots Inferno (Horror Pack and NGUAC 2022 Knockout Round)


Author Comments

My thought process when making this song.

Why is it called Zealots Inferno?

Honestly... For those that played it will understand, but I took inspiration from The Evil Withins The Harbinger boss fight. Anyway the game puts you up against someone, who goes insane due to some strong religious influence. The boss is wielding a heavy flame thrower trying desperately to burn your skin off. As the fight goes on the boss arena is going up in flames, blocking off routes. The player has to activate these sprinkler systems to keep the flames down. I thought it was one of the most memorable fights in the game.



Why the creepy whispers?

I wanted to convey that religious influence somehow, whispers just seemed like a way to go. Along with some metal sounds to display some sense of a unhinged mind that can't be reasoned with.

Why boss music?

Tbh I just like making boss music. :3

Why does the song repeat?

Honestly I've seen (or heard) other video game soundtracks do this, so I figured I follow the trend. Plus I like to show off a looping point in the song.

Why horror for  NGUAC 2022?

I wanted to stand out, there were so many good dnb and electronic songs in NGUAC that it pushed me to come up with a way to be different. Didn't really see any horror music in the contest, so I decided that would be the genre I would focus on. Even if it meant leaving my comfort zone.

Whats a horror pack?

A horror is a pack filled with horror ambience and music duh! I will be releasing it (hopefully) somewhere in October here on newgrounds. :)

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You've created a very dark and tense environment here! You definitely could put this in a boss fight and it would work. But it doesn't scare me, and I think it's because you have a very ordinary and predictable sound selection.

I appreciate that you didn't rely on cheap jumpscares via loud stings, but where are the freaky mangled sound effects? I want more than that metal thing people rub a bow on for horror noises. I want a super distorted scream in the background, scary footsteps, crying, dripping, horror_ambience_04.wav, ANYTHING. Play with the stereo field, make it sound like something's behind me. Or right next to me. Or just outside my room. Make me take my headphones off and look outside my window.

I also strongly feel that you neglected the low end. A really low rumbly bass that rises and falls in intensity is pretty good at giving me heart palpitations. Look into how composers like Hanz Zimmer incorporate bass into their sound. The TENET soundtrack is another good example of using low end bass in a cinematic setting. The low end here is just the low end from all of the instruments. I honestly can't tell if you did any EQ work or if this is all stock kontakt

A lot of people believe NG judges favor cinematic music, but imo any johnny with a cracked copy of kontakt and some libraries can make cinematic music. I went through a phase of that from like 2014-2016, and all it did was ruin my work ethic as a producer by giving me an unearned sense of accomplishment for work that I really hadn't done myself. (Heavyocity's DAMAGE, anyone?). I'm not saying it's wrong to use these tools, I just feel that when you do use them, you need to work twice as hard to make it uniquely "yours".

TLDR it's a good track, but there's no character to it; nothing to make it stand out besides being a cinematic horror song.

the dark atmosphere through the choir in combination with the intense percussion and strings makes this piece perfect. I really like it!

Darkest Dungeons much!? I love it! Your piece is paving the way for the upcoming Halloween that's staring right at us with it's tiny little glowing orange eyes, right there deeply seated at the edge of October. Great job! Also, is that a leaf blower!?

Credits & Info


4.67 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2022
11:35 PM EDT
File Info
9.3 MB
4 min 5 sec
  • Hollywood Choirs
  • Hollywood Orchestra
Misc. Kit
  • Air Raid Siren

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