.:Sleepless Nights:.

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After lots of hard work, I've finally finished this track. What can I say about this one? Well, I got inspired halfway through and decided to add lots of details, unlike my former songs. The name...I got it from a friend on a forum, and I thought it'd fit nicely with the song. Please listen to all of it, it's a progressive track. All votes and reviews are appreciated, the favor will most likely be returned.


what's this in my eye ?!?!

OH it's a freakin tear! .. BEAUTIFUL man, how did i not know about you before ?! your piano is amazing !!! 5/5 again man this is great ..
the only think i could offer up as advice would be, try a different drum kit, add some distortion to the drums ( something very light ) and maybe a very very miniscule reverb.
( cmon now i can't let you get away with a perfect review, that's just not in the spirit of NG! ;) )

keep up the amazing work my man.

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Masterpiece. Great rythem, simple and smooth, with clear sounds and lots of variation. Love it, keep up the great work!


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GronmonSE responds:

Thanks mate!

Sounds good.

All around, it's a good composition. The only problems i see are in the piano work like sbb said. the grace notes are ok, but they come too early, they are held too long, and they are out of the key. But regardless, its simple yet effective style is very soothing. just out of curiosity, how much theory have you had? If you want to work out of the key, I've got a few tricks you may or may not be familiar with. anyway, good job, I give it a 9.

Regards, you did a good job.


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GronmonSE responds:

Theory? Close to nothing? :D

I'm a self-taught guitarist, not a pianist to be honest. Usually, I make a simply melody on my acoustic and then make a midi on FL. I would record some metal, but my gear and software suck.

After working on something else and clearing my mind, I finally noticed what you two meant =P It sounds a bit off indeed.

I'd love to learn those tricks, you can either PM me or post in my dead profile's comment box, even if it's not ontopic :D

Thanks again and sorry for the late response.

Yep- very nicely done

Great work, I can really see the lot of work you have put into it. There are some minor suggestions I have for changes, to make it more pleasant listening. First of all you might want to EQ away a bit of the treble from the tiny bell, or lower the volume a bit, cause it's a bit uncomfortable with all the high frequencies from it. Then you might want to consider getting a better hi-hat, it sounds a bit too much like short instances white noise to me right now. Something with a more metallic sound would do good. And the snare rim would probably sound better when replaced by a normal snare. The final and most minor of all things is the piano composition stuff later in the song, especially that one at 2:15- it doesn't sound on key, if you're gonna have that "personal touch" I guess you would have called it, you'll probably want to make sure all notes are on key. It's just a little off, but keep the idea, cause it adds a lot of emotion.

That's it for my suggestions. Apart from those small things, it's a wonderful little gem. Especially loved when you added the drums, introduced by toms, though you sure could have added them a bit sooner. Great strings too, I'd love to see them more emphasised throughout the track, since they alone give the song much of its feeling.

4.59 / 5.00 (+ 0.059)

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GronmonSE responds:

Whoo, a thorough review <3

Hmmm...I never actually kept in the mind the high frequencies on the song, good suggestion.

The hi-hat....I think I need to start downloading new samples, this ones are getting old. It's a semi-open hi-hat, thought it'd sound better than a closed one. About the snare, it's a sidestick rim, not a regular snare. I used that because I wanted a soft-beat, nothing heavy to keep the mood.

Ah yes, the piano. I tried using a different key, but this one sounded best. It didn't seem off-key to me. *shrug*

Albeit you didn't suggest it, I could have used better tom choices. Honestly, I just used the first ones that came to my mind without considering better choices XD But hey, if it sounds good to you, then it sounds good to me :)

Thanks for the thorough review, mate.

Good Song, Dude.

I think I know how you came up with you're name now. *shot*

Keep up the good work Silent Echo, this is a very well picked song it is awesome. I think you shall not be nuked, I might even "Make" one of my fan characters have this as a Theme Song. XD

Silent Echo, How many other songs do you have? Like 100000? Or More. XD Keep up the good work on every single thing you do. You get a 10/10 Rating. XD

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GronmonSE responds:

Less than Arnas, that's for sure :D

Thanks Holy.

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