Forever Missed (Piano Version)

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A very different style than my other songs (trance etc.) A song dedicated to my father who passed away 5 years ago...

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Psssh, your father is a lucky man! ^_^

Wonderful, Amazing, Serene, Sweet, hmmm Godly? No, how about AWESOMEST AWESOMESAUCE IN ALL OF AWESOME LAND!!! Yea...yea i think that's it...

If it were My choice:

Equation(Dr. Awesomepus)

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01/01/2008 | 02:40PM EST
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Awesome Song | 2.1 MB | 2 min 21 sec

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So sad...

Man, this tune just brought sentimental tears to my eyes...
so does the story...
My most honest feelings, brother

great indeed

slow and relaxing nice job bro


this is great! what program did the piano and the strings come from?


ok this iws the best song on piano soley i have ever heard!!