p4c-sines of the past v2

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this song is made completely out of sine waves, distorted or not. and now, this one has the drums in sine form too, so this is an entirely sine-ular composition, a challenge from the Audio Exercise thread [http://www.newgrounds.co m/bbs/topic/830853]

ONCE AGAIN, LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING. and if you dont like the drums, see the submission before this at http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/114221, it has actual drum samples. i just needed to make the entire composition out of sines for the challenge to be met.

and dont worry if this and the other one has low ratings, thats because most audiogoers at newgrounds are too stupid to listen to a song for more than 5 seconds expecting some intensely emotional trance breakout.


This was ok

Hmmm this was something differant the almost beeping sound is ok, kinda seems more repetitive then anything else though, and the backround touch you gave it was nice and added to the variaty so all in all it was an ok piece but in the end it probably needed more variaty more instrament sounds and such, so those could be some slight improvments and all, but other then that this was notbad, keep up the decent sounds.

Very soothing sounds almost like a sound/fx loop, but could use some more variaty to throw in there.


The son was really smoothe and nice, it was nice

p4c responds:

ty ty ty :)

very enjoyable

this is very good, I think I might try something like this myself but I suck at making synths. I really like those pads and how they fade in and out. Really nice bassline. Simple beat to go along with themes, I really like how everything gels in here. I might also add great job with the samples, since there just made out of sine waves. They sound realistic enough for this style. Nice minimalism, but I think you should have done something more with the beeps you started with, changeup the rhythm, bend in and bend out, go to a different notes, make a nice lead melody out of it. All in all, very nice short little ditty here tho.

p4c responds:

hehe yeah, its all really simple stuff, the drums were a bitch but i think theyre good enough for the feel of the song :) if i feel like coming back to this, maybe ill take ur advice for the beeps. they are kinda repetitive, but i think it kinds adds to the tone-out vibes of the song. thanx :)

Love this.

This is a beautiful song, and proof that sometimes less is more. I love that slippery melody, and all the whooshes. I only wish this was longer.

p4c responds:

yeah, i did this as an exercise to see if u can make a song with sines alone, and it really put things into perspective 4 me--you dont need all the bells and whistles to sound nice. and once ur mission shifts from that to making good music, it feels so much more satisfying :) enjoy, ill have to cfheck ur stuff out again soon [cant right now, on vacation]

great stuff!

Beautiful man, really. I haven't listened to your work in a long time, and I'm starting to wonder why. This is simply gorgeous.

I love that beeping 4/4th thingy. Very relaxing. Very calm. Those sweeping pads are very cool and breezy. The drums work. I guess it's not easy to construct a snare out of just sine waves, but I really wouldn't know because I don't have an audio program that allows me to get into such depth with the instruments. If there was anything that I would recommend working on some more, it would be the drums, but I guess there's another version of this song I can go back and listen tom, right :P

p4c responds:

hehe yeah the snare was such a bitch, ill try to work on it later. its jst really really distorted :DD personally i like the other one better tho :)

if i start getting more stuff out ill be sure to tell ya, thx for the rev!

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Dec 31, 2007
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