There lurking

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Something like... a nightmare, or you're lost somewhere... Creepy stuff. Enjoy.

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Ok Second Song I've heard from you...

And Still you Bring the Amazing Sound of Horror With you You should Definetly Go into Survival Horror and Science Fiction Business.

Ghost Of Our Past .

Walking on lonely night streets out in the country, dismantled by what I have just witnessed .. Me .. Taking .. Away..Pure.. By my own hands .. Twisted reality overwhelms me, the power of this indescisive aurora is merely unbareable . No where to turn .. Only circles .. Glitched sense, lost impact of soul . Energy..Slowly leaving, eyes turning black . ''There is a reason why Soul rhymes with Hole, because it's both .. Based upon your actions ..''
- Aphotic Athanasy -

They are stalking you

A office worker, he hated his job but he got payed 50 every week. He was doing his work when suddenly he saw another worker rip up his paper. He was barely fierce of anything so he wouldnt be so scared of what happens. Not even a spider crawling up him. The worker turned to him and pointed. Then he had a vision of the worker jumping out the window. He went to get some coffee. He saw the tv and the creepiest song he had ever heard in reverse was on. He was pretty wierded out, not scared though. He tripped as if something made him. He turned around and he saw a dead body gurgling blood. He wasnt scared yet, but he looked out the window. He saw a machete carrying freak walk in. He heard tons of screams. He thought that he was next, but he took the elevator down to run and get his wife. To leave. 3 Loud bump's stopped the elevator. The power was out too. He said " What the heck is going on?!" a machete popped out of the door. He jumped back in shock. He grabbed the machete and tried to pull it. It ripped his hand's when it pulled back. The machete suddenly started cutting the door open. His hands were ripped up so he couldnt punch (suck's because he could knock anything back with a push or punch) The elevator door opened and he saw a bloody dripping freak. A bloody outfit, blood dripping from its mouth and it looked like it had been cut opened. It walked twoard it and stabbed him through the wall. He gurgled blood and fell. The mysteriouse butcher put something in his cut. Some type of silcer liquid. He got back up later to haunt more pedestrians. He went outside and leaped twoard a man. He pinned him to the ground and ripped his insides out. The butcher also put the liquid in the mans nails. So the world is filled with brutal homicidals. The end.

punk7890 responds:

Nice story. :)

Thanks for the review!


Im Impressed With All Your Songs Man You May Officially Count Me Count Me As A Super Fan

punk7890 responds:

:) yay I got another fan. :)

Glad you like the song.


Hey punk7890,i decided to go to your userpage and the songs you made ARE AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!WOW Im really impressed,this song too.this song just scares me even more than "dawn of a new hour"icant wait to hear all your other songs,wow i love your music dude,KEEP IT UP =D =D =D =D =D

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Dec 26, 2007
6:55 PM EST
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