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Solus- Christmas Ice

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This song isn't quite as upbeat as most christmas songs- custom made by me for the holiday season.

Bit sadder for the christmas that some people have.


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Heh heh hehe.....

Seems like you're the one and only ThePurple's favorite author!!!!!!!!!! Respect....(Dreaming)( Let's get back reality) Well, I actually really enjoy Xmas, sending this song to my friend's family. They cried because they realized the music had something to do with their son's childhood(My friend). Well, let's just say I got 1,000 for that. Sorry for not giving you the money...LOL


My only quarrel with this song is that the piano is more or less the same thing as "I Wander as I Wander". It's a very good piano arrangement, tho. The orchestra seemed a little out of place. It was doing fine with just the piano, and it really needed nothing more. But a great job.


SolusLunes responds:

Never heard of the song that you mentioned.

Ah well. Thanks, though! :D

Well, that was definately sad...

BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT! Sad songs are enjoyable to revel in, especialy when you are having a shitty day (or christmas), and this one is definately revelable, which I don't think is an actuall word. The song was great, kind of random, but I like that. Good job.

SolusLunes responds:


Haha shitty Christmas

Being piano my favorite instrument, this piece has all my attention. I like the chord progression. At how at the begining you only used treble, and at 0:36 you use bass. That gives a powerful serious feeling to it, which is awesome in a sad song.

1:09 scared me :(, it was complete randomness. I don't know whats that, if the scenario suddenly changes to the king's hall? I dunno... sounds like a shortcut. And then back to the pianist reflecting his/her memories on the piano.
Luckly, 1:43 didn't appeared all of a sudden. It does sound christmas like. I imagine the pianist looking out the window in that exact moment and sees everyone skating around a huge christmas tree, real happy. And then back to his piano and his memories. At 1:54 he stops playing due he realizes something, something he didn't noticed before... and shocked he plays the last -and kind of disturbing- notes. I say disturbing because those cello parts sounds like, as he plays the last notes, the cello represents bad/disturbing memories that comes to its mind like a lightning. I'm not saying I don't like the ending, I think it's great.

I never looked into your songs before, better take a look at the rest of 'em.
Keep up the good work! 9/10 because you scared me >:(
But 5/5 ;)


SolusLunes responds:

Yeah, in retrospect, I don't really like the whole 1:09 bit, it was cool at the time. I felt I needed to break up the song a little bit, but... the story that you've built, that's awesome.

I wish someone would make it a flash like that :D

Trying to make people cry on Christmas?

This tricked me, at 1:10 it sounds like it's going to break out of it's sad ways and become an inspirational song. Them bam, right back into a sad song... Then it does it again later, but ends...on a sad note, how sad.
Great work, the piano was wonderful. You had a great Christmas sound at the end there to finish it off. Amazing job.

SolusLunes responds:

Thank you. Some people have a shitty christmas, and this song is for them.

But no matter how shitty, there are always bright bits. :D

Thanks, the piano was fun. I like writing for the piano a lot.

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