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i was trying out my song maker, garageband, when i finally accomplished at making a good song
after a few hours and at around 4:00 in the morning i finish and submitted!!
i hope everyone likes it, one of my first songs...
this is only a demo because i feel that i can improve it, it may come out in a month or so a few week if i feel like it ^^
any tips or advice, please review and/or comment under my profile
thank you


i'm sorry

i can only give you a 6 if i haven't heard your Crap of death it would probably be low again i am sorry for stating the worst though i hope you come up with something that all of newgrounds will remember you by untill your next one you have a 8 star average from me please don't give up. :)

SonicFoxStrk responds:

thanks and its fine ^^


This is fantastic i love it keep up the good work :)

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SonicFoxStrk responds:

thanks didn't think it was that great ^^;

Not bad.

Not a bad attempt at your first song. I wouldn't really call it Drum 'n' Bass but nonetheless, it sounds good.

One thing I wanna point out is that when the drums start building up the tension of the song (e.g at 0'07"), there's just..nothing after it. You should make the transition between these breaks more apparent, 'cos the drums build up to something that well, is the same pretty much as the part before the drums. I'd probably give a few more points if you did that ;)

Don't get me wrong though, it's still great for your first attempt, much better than mine with MY Garageband XD

Good day, Boz

p.s. mindajacko - Loops aren't the fuel of Satan. You CAN make a whole song out of them - making a good song is not about avoiding loops, if you use loops it's how well you use them, combine them and create a harmonious output. Kk thx? ;) And I think Sonic's done a decent job at it.

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SonicFoxStrk responds:

thank you i'll take all your tips into thought
your review was very helpful ^^


Good first song, But its not really drum n bass :P

You need a heavier bass, thats fast and powerful with edgy dark riffs.

Your BPM needs to be around 170-180 and you need to learn the Amen Break :P

Try some other genres and see how you go on.


4/5 7/10

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SonicFoxStrk responds:

yeah i was thinking that and i do plan on working on some other genres plus thanks for the tip i'll keep that in mind ^^

butter scotch yo? die in a fire plz

some constructive criticism dude if your gonna put a song up from a program like garage band... make sure you've been using it long enough to know NOT to use the loops... to anyone else who has used garage band this sounds exactly the same as every other song made with the program.

not bad for your fitsy try... i guess

SonicFoxStrk responds:

don't even talk, you haven't even submitted ANYTHING yet your review means nothing, your an insult, and if you were even listening or reading the summary
IT'S A DEMO!!! i haven't finished it yet, and trying to make it perfect, plus i know its not that good it was just to fool around on garageband to see how it worked
so unless you actually have some REAL constructive criticism the please fuck off i'd like to see you submit something before you say mine sucks
you only signed up a few weeks ago and STILL haven't contributed anything or even picked favs, voted or blam and saved anything so in my mind your just a NEWB

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4.35 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2007
3:44 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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