.:Miserable Dreams:.

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I started working on this song to get rid of an artist's block I had, school had been getting the best of me sadly. However, I had time to finish it when vacations started, and I decided to turn it into a full song rather than a filler song. Excuse the name, I couldn't think of anything better and I forgot how I felt when I started working on it. This song, even if it doesn't seem like it, was heavily inspired by the work of Milk-Man Dan and Yellow-Dart, both excellent artists with different styles whom I hold respect for.

All reviews and honest votes are appreciated, don't judge a song by its intro ;)

~Happy Holidays~


Um. Uh.

Maybe I'm just obnoxiously happy-go-lucky, but it doesn't sound too terribly depressed to me. Weary, maybe. There's a sort of energy in your right-hand work on the piano, but it's almost like it could just break down at any moment. Oooooor I'm just reading into it way too much.

At any rate, I *really* like this, and I might capture it and violate it with my own style of pads and beats, if that's okay with you. Like, horribly violate it. It will never be the same.

I do like your piano work, consistently over the songs of yours that I've heard. Most certainly.

It's a pretty solid length, actually. I wouldn't toy with that. The fade-out .. hmm. I have mixed feelings for it. Whatevs. Get back to me on that collab.

this is very good indeed.

this song gives me a clear image of the guy who created tetris crying himself to sleep. i feel like im spoon feeding him some reality.

anyway enough randomness... tis a very good song for depressed people. 5/5 and 9/10. i recon you lost a point because i never liked tetris. an amazing song. have to listen to it from beggining to end to really appricate it fully. like a panda. ahh hell here ya go... 10/10...

Depression's Joys if nothing

This is simply amazing, from your description of how you made it I must admit it flows very neetly, and even though you didn't name it in the moment of its conception it definately fits the song's theme. Sounds like a depression that even though not pleasent is fulfilling. Kind-of like a necessary evil that has yet to be condemned. Most excellent. The Tempo stays the same through the entirety of the song, yet if you catch the varied timbre's of the piano, I am assuming my ears can't identify instruments well, only the basics, it sounds as if it has its highlights as well. Each instrument with its base sound, and then its random moment of prelatory triumph. Greatly enjoyed.

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Dec 21, 2007
10:06 PM EST
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