Joobles- The Deep

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This is worlds better than my first submission, but sadly not mastered well. Once i get better at that, I'll attempt a remastering of the song. Until that time, enjoy a journey through the Deep! And check out Spazbunny's stuff!


I won't touch on the mastering

I like the transition from the ambient intro to the main synth and bells.

lot's of good composition things, hops around quickly, good pacing. You seem to like claps... I don't like them so much, but I guess they work. try finding better clap sounds. FLs percussion presets aren't very good. I haven't tried this, but I hypothesize using 3ish claps at the same time, or alternating and such, would improve it...

maybe. Dunno.

nice weird, spacy, low stuff around 3:00

okay, 4:09, claps work there. very nice.

don't overuse that deep drum hit though. I classify it as a "Hit" like orchestra hits and stuff. Generally you want to keep those for accents, not a base rythm or meoldy.

I like the piano, but it sounds out of place when it's left too much by itself.

I like how busy it gets, but you have to weigh busy-ness with mastering and levelling.

I ilke the bells at 5:55

definitely great, epic ideas. I definitely want you to post a mastered version of this. then I'd download it.

hey, look at that, good outro. :D


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Joobles responds:

Hey, thanks for the review again! I'll try out that clapping idea to see if it works. I'm actualy getting Anima-theory to do the mastering for the song, once I fix all the composition problems, and figure out how to send a 40megabyte compressed file over the internet = P If you could, would you review my latest submission, Western Gun? I would realy appreciate it :D
Thanks for the criticism, and possible future download!!

Well Composed....

Ok :D

The problems as I see it are; You seem to have A LOT of clipping problems. That explosion noise needs to have is midrange tuned down. The bass line needs its midrange turned down as well, to give it a nice deep hum. You really need to put some more effects on the instruments other than what i think is a reverb and delay. Like a multiband compressor. An effect called a soft clipper should be put on your master channel. I think the Rave instrument needs a flange or a chorus effect. I really dislike the stock FL clap :P. The lead bell instrument around 1:40 needs a filter put on it to stop the really high frequencies from blowing your ears to pieces when played at high volumes :P I think....In general, the mid range frequencies of this song need to be brought down, to stop clipping, and all the instruments, other than the bass, need to have A LOT less bass. I also think the cymbals at the end of the song need to be quieter.

Now :D

The good points; As far as I can see, the tune is friggen awesome and the movement from different "feels" or "ambiance" in this song is really well implemented. I like how it changes from a happy mood to more of a dark one. The selection of instruments is nice and fits the song nicely. The reverse clap thing you have going on sound magnificent. Overall the song is composed very well. The percussion is great and doesn't stay boring, the lead instruments vary a lot, but work very well with this song. All of the intruments flow together very well.

So in short, well composed, poorly mastered :P

If you concentrate on your mastering skills and work those up, you'll be a VERY good artist my friend. Hope to hear more from you :D

Your friend,


P.S If you could do a short review on my later stuff it would be appreciated :D

Joobles responds:

Well, hell, of course I'll review your later stuff. And thanks, once again, for the review. I'll definately try to fix all those thindgs, that's exactly what I needed.


um...how your gonna top this i dont know...this is an epic adventure through the deep of the ocean(SPACE!) lolz....but its amazing...so yeah...5/5 and 10/10

Joobles responds:

I love you, you sexy bitch.

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Dec 20, 2007
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