Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus

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I was on amazon.com looking for some stuff I wanted for christmas, when I found the six string quartet version of the mars volta! I though, hey that sounds cool! So I listened to the samples, and they sucked. So I decided to give it a try on my own. I still think it sucks because on Reason I really cant add any emotion to the music unless I want to spend hours on it. Oh well, I put a lot of work into it, coming up with a nice medium ground between accuracy and listenability. Enjoy!

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I love The Mars Volta and although the sounds you use suck it is still a pretty nice version.

As a Mars Volta fan, I just can say.... amazing.

This version of Frances the Mute first song, is really cool. You almost can sing it with the melody you add on the song. However, you should work a little more cuz the guitar is even more crazy than what you make. I understand that is really hard to figurate out Mars Volta's songs, specially guitar and drums.

It would be cool if you make more songs like this one. Maybe "Day of the Baphomets" or "Goliath" or from their new album Noctourniquet the song "In Absentia".

It's cool to know other people that like The Mars Volta.

Another song!

Been waiting for another song to come across and this is not to disappoint. I like that crossover at the beginning, makes the listener jump.

However, I've gotta disagree with the person below. Just because something doesn't sound like the real thing, it shouldn't be knocked. It's not about the instruments that you use and the authenticy of them, it's about whether the sound suits a song. Never restrict yourself to sounds which are not normal. If it sounds good, keep it! Also, never forget it's not the instruments which make the music, it's the musician.

myxibrium responds:

Yup haha I never liked the crossover on the real song, but I figured if I'm going to make a cover I might as well make it good. If you compare the two, the decible shift is pretty damn close.

Ya, I agree... not like you can expect me to hire an orchestra for this song lol...

yeah, those samples are pretty lame

i know im pointing out the obvious. but the samples are pretty much too lame to sound interesting lol like that lame fiddle thing is just kind of obnoxious lol doesnt sound like something that should come out of reason :P idk, i think that with some work the original orkester stuff and plugins within the reason sound bank can sound pretty good. but if you find something tight for reason, tell me haha *shrug*

but the actual note arrangement and stuff was good. :)
check my stuff out plzzz :)

myxibrium responds:

yaaa the huge problem with any electronic music program is the lack of ability to emulate real sounds. I have heard of one... it was a plugin for Cubase that supposedly was really good... but I messed around with Cubase before and hated it.

Thanks for the review!


I liked it! It felt good, but at 00:52 there was a strange crossover or something that didn't really sound right. Otherwise, good job. Cool piano at 01:20 :)

myxibrium responds:

ya in the real song it got really loud right there so I figured I might as well do the same thing. It's not very smooth at all but whatever, I didn't what to whip out Audition to fix it cuz I'm lazy :P

Glad you liked it though! Check out the mars volta sometime they're awesome!

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Dec 14, 2007
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