Sand Castles

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First of all, I know this isn't Classical. My deepest apologies but the "Classical" section is where I belong, it just doesn't seem right to put my music elsewhere. I may stick it in the "Pop" section later... what are your feelings on this?

I would like to thank Bad_Man_Incorporated for his considerable guitar solo contribution, I can always count on him to add that extra brilliance to any piece. Thank you bud.

Here are the Lyrics my friends. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed making it. I've never spend so much time on a piece. But it was worth it.

Remember back when you were young
The day was always new
and so much was left undone

Back when boys and girls held hands
Sand castles in the sands
Don't you remember... awoohoo

Folded love notes in the park
Sneak out when it was dark
This was our freedom

After school in every play
Back then we'd sieze the day
Do you remember

And here lies the innocence
Of times past
Oh so long ago

I need something
Even more than
I have needed
Once before
My Childhood

Make believe
In far off lands
We'd make sand castles
in the sands
In Childhood

Maybe we've got it all wrong
And we knew love, all along
The heart of a child is so pure
Now when we say I love you
We'd better be sure

And make your experiences last
Or spend the rest of your life
Remembering the Past

(Bad_Man_Incorporated's Guitar solo)

From beauty of that first kiss
Without knowing just what love is
A Fascination

Without every knowing why
We could simply close our eyes
and we could fly

I need something
Even more than
I have needed
Once before
My Childhood

(I could fly)

Make believe (I could Fly)
In far off lands
We'd make sand castles
in the sands
In Childhood
(I could Fly)

I can see myself dreaming
I find strength in believing
That I haven't wasted any time

Close your eyes and imagine
Feel Strong in your passion
Leave your troubles and your pain behind



I have to say that out of all the pieces you have made....this is the best. I mean the mood, the melody everything is conveying the lyrics....perfect for a anime. Real talent and I have respected your musik for a while now....Keep it coming bud. Your awesome!

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Aww, man. This is great.

This is simply astounding. Beautifully made. Good job and props. Keep up the good work. How long did this take you to make by the way? Sounds like you put in a lot of your time into this production. Once again, well made and clean sound.

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dude i have to say this is unbelievable. This the coolest rock ballad i've ever heard. I mean im like the king when it comes to knowing rock ballads but none like this. Wow im just so at a loss of words.....I have to show this to my band its just so good.

The only problem i had with it is that the vocals were just a little lazy. Put more support in singing. OMG i just cant think of anything to say this song is so good. wow i dont know.

But what im leeving you with, is a 10/10 and a 5/5

Im still at a serious loss of words. I would say more but this song.....its just so......powerful.......It was so strong it reminded me of someone whos faraway now that i miss her very much......

Well anyway.......good job


It's beautiful, sad but beautiful, by they I'm a drummer and the drums in the Song are just perfect they give the song some kind of special emotion. :-) 5/5-10/10

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You left me in awe..

This has to be one of the greatest voiced songs on ng.

Well done, i hope you get far.

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Dec 12, 2007
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