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Chasin' The Jester

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Author Comments

Made for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch - Final Round!!

In my humble opinion, this song is quirky, rockin' and maybe even sentimental if you're in the right state of mind.

Maybe I'll do an update with a better mix at some point, but the contest deadline is almost here!!

Enjoy! :)

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This is an official NGADM 2021 final round review

First of all, my congrats to you for surviving up to the finals at this point. Since being around for a few years in this contest it's been neat to see all the new people come through and make their mark in this contest as well.

For first impressions, I think the intro was a little weak, but once you got to the beach rock I was very thrilled for the unexpected change. The drums comes across as an amateur sound since they might be a tad quiet in the mix, but the mix in general seems a little muddled. Uh 2:06 is pretty sweet. I personally like hearing the complex rhythms when it comes to the metal/rock genre. Similar to something like the Algorithm or Plini. Unfortunately the more energetic sections I don't find as interesting.

For a closer look at the composition, and to also feed off of the point I just made, the louder sections are just guitars doing eighth notes with the kick drum following, and in general follow a pretty straight rhythm. I'm not saying you needed to go crazy, but it just came across as too simple. All that being said here's what I do like. Drums are written well in the fills, the beach rock simply makes me smile, and you don't only stay with common or more simple rhythms resulting in some cool rhythms I really enjoy. I like your melodies and your chord choices are not unexpected/distracting. 2:20 is such a cool section IMO.

For the mix, like I said earlier it comes across as a tad bassy/muddy. Everything has pretty good tone for what's intended to be there. I may have said that the drums had a bit more of an amateur sound, but it works for what you have here. Actually I think they're a good volume but might be overshadowed by the distorted guitars. I'm also a big fan of the rock organ.

Overall, I really liked what I heard and I think this is a well written song. It gets a little plain at times, but you balance it out with other sections that I really enjoy. I think it's a really fun theme that you play with and it travels and progresses nicely. Again, congrats on making it to the final round.

MaldivirDragonwitch responds:

Your criticism is all on-point. I literally could just copy my response to SplatterDash's review: I noticed so many wrong choices that were made hastily that I will definitely not be making again. This was a serious learning experience, as was my plan all along! :)
Either way, glad you liked the parts you did. Thank you very much for the extensive review!

Love the surf rock vibes on this one. Very unexpected when interlaced with the louder sections

MaldivirDragonwitch responds:

Thank you, glad you liked it!

This is an official NGADM 2021 Final judge review.

One thing that strikes me is how fresh and different every single section is, alongside how smoothly it transitions into most of them. It of course still has a really good feeling to it and feels original - while it's labelled as heavy metal, I could definitely see this playing at a surf bar or something like that in some sections. In others, like at 1:54, it definitely sounds like something from an 80s cartoon - and I mean that in the best ways. No matter what, though, it feels really good, feels very fresh and sounds amazing with its instruments.
I think the only thing that I feel is off about this is the drums. While they definitely do have the feeling of a heavy metal song, they also feel like they're extremely muted and cold. This is especially true with the toms that are used beginning at 3:59, which I think sound too close to the kick drum to be considered toms. I think bringing both of their pitches up would help, but also finding a way to make them less... for lack of a better term, heavy would allow it to really shine out.
Overall, though, this really provides some good competition! It's interesting to see your change in style from your previous rounds, but I'm all for it. I wish you the best of luck against the three other competitors this round :D

MaldivirDragonwitch responds:

Thank you so much for the extensive review!
Firstly, I am very happy you liked the parts you did like!
And secondly, I have to agree with all of the constructive criticism you provided. Once the deadline was finished and I had some time to rest my ears, I noticed so many wrong choices that were made hastily that I will definitely not be making again. This was a serious learning experience, as was my plan all along. ^^
Thank you once again!

Hey there! :)

I really like this. The slowed section @ 2:00 gave me goosebumps--in a good way--and was my favourite part, TBH. :D The whole piece reminds me of really mid-90s Pop-Punk Rock...like the good songs from bands like Blink-182, Smash Mouth and The Offspring. Really does have that Californian skater punk flavour to it, too. It's great stuff. :3

I wish you all the luck in the Final Round of NGADM as well, and thanks for the vote of confidence and comments on my song, too!

MaldivirDragonwitch responds:

Thank you for your kind comment, so glad you like it!
Your song is great, it was a joy to hear! :)

Credits & Info

4.76 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2021
11:40 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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10.5 MB
4 min 37 sec

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