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Sacred Space - NGADM FINALS!~

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Author Comments

Thank you for all the support along the way to finals. I hope you all enjoy this October fever dream, Sacred Space!


You've got a million fantasies,

and I've got my money on you.

it makes me feel like gambling--

When we're out of body, where do we go?

It's soul, it's spirit, I know you can hear it.

Although we're spiraling home in spiderweb clothes,

we're spiraling so close.

You take me away,

from reality.

It tastes just like a dream--

Baby, how did we reach this sacred space?

(HEYs) How did we reach this sacred space?

Here as your vitals tremble, hypnosis excites the pupils.

We sync in flow, and we all know how far these things can go!

It's soul, it's spirit led rhythm and lyrics within a planetary stereo.

It's golden and goes through our spiderweb clothes, 

spiraling so close.

You take me away,

from reality!

It tastes just like a dream--

Baby, how did we reach this sacred space?

(HEYs) It tastes just like a dream, baby, how did we reach this sacred space?

[[Thank you for listening, judging, and etc. Truly an honor to make it this far with so much talented competition. I'm blown away by so many of the artists on Newgrounds. Keep going. Everything by everyone. ♥]]

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That music gives me an inexplicable feeling, seriously that music is very fantastic :0

This is an official NGADM 2021 final round review

I'm glad to see you here in the final round! I will say it's been a joy to be apart of this contest for enough years to see how people have grown through these contests and where they've came from.

Some initial thoughts from the first listen: Again, great use of vocals. I like seeing the metaphorical lyrics and the imagery. Tasting dreams, the use of spiraling, your work here is inspiring. I will say I'm not a fan of how you mastered the track. It seemed squashed so the mix didn't feel clean.

Listening to the compositional aspects of the song, you have a lot of details and change ups that you're using for energy management. I appreciate the effort involved because I get the sense that each detail was meticulously thought out even though there may be a couple of decisions I wasn't fond of. Most distracting was 1:03 ish that the whole mix cut out to water dropping with a hard pan right. I thought something like my phone interrupted because it was a lot quieter than the energy that just came before it. That being said, have a couple transitions be a tad disruptive isn't a major complaint since there's a lot I think you got right. You're using a lot of changes either to add emphasis or making transitions. There's also no mistake of when you've ramped up the energy compared to the contrast of how quiet or reserved it can be in other areas. 1:14 is a good example of the contrast. I might not agree with making it as dry as it is, but it still serves its purpose.

As far as what you have for themes and structure, I have a minor complaint about the intro. The tone it sets doesn't feel like what the rest of the song is. I could be misinterpreting intentions, but I was thinking this was going to be a darker and heavier sound than the more dance like ideas you have for most of the song. There's also lack of continuity from the melody you used there compared to everything you have in the verses and choruses throughout your song. Maybe I could see it being a reprise of the "Heys" but I think I'm starting to shoehorn it in. In contrast, I really like how the intro sounds like a voice until about 0:10 when the filter has dialed back enough that you could tell it was a synth. Solid use of chord progression through the whole song, and the chorus is really bumpin.

Like I mentioned earlier, the biggest issue I view is the mixing. There's sections that you get it right, and these are generally spots like 0:30-0:44 and 1:22 when I could tell the volume has gone down enough and leaves some headroom in the main mix. Biggest problem areas like the choruses and when the guitars come in, it feels like the mix is being shoved through a small pipe. Like sucking up a fresh milkshake so thick it won't go through the straw lol. It's kind of a shame because it feels like you had to dial back the vocals a little so that you could hear other instruments come through. I like that the kick feels like I'm getting hit by a pillow (I like the soft thud sound) but it might not have enough room in the mix to take up the space it needs. Speaking of percussion, you're doing them a disservice by having them be just about overrun by the guitars at 2:14 lol. I might be saying this as a drummer but let the drums cut through the mix and attack the listener (while being careful of the cymbals).

To end on my critiques on a positive note, the sound choice is fairly good, and I want to reiterate the vocal performance. Good range of techniques going from soft sections like 0:25 up through to some well controlled hi scream singing. Which actually I'm not sure how you're doing that because it doesn't sound like falsetto. Aside from all that though, well done and again congrats to making it to the finals.

This is an NGADM 2021 Final Round judge review.

From the first listening moments of it, it's really obvious to tell you've improved your game over the past rounds. The instruments feel much better to the ears, and while there are definitely some things to fix up here, it feels much better in terms of the composition. It feels complex and fresh throughout, and everything transitions pretty well. It's also pretty good to hear what you do with the vocals throughout, and the song overall gives me some really good pop song vibes. It's something I'd go back and listen to quite often.
I'd say the one main weakness of this piece is definitely in production. There were some specific elements that I thought were out of place in terms of the overall mix, such as the electric guitar at 2:13, but the big thing I notice is the vocal mixing seems a bit low overall. This is especially notable in places like 0:45 and 1:44, where the synths overtake the vocals by just a bit, and at 2:13, partially due to the electric guitar shoving them aside. One thing I also thought was interesting but done a bit too much is the vocal sidechaining at 0:14, which I thought was too strong for the section but definitely a good idea.
Overall, though, this is a really solid final piece! I think it definitely brings its best to the table and provides some great improvement from your previous works. I wish you the best of luck in the finals against your other three competitors :D


GameBoyFireworks responds:

Thank you!!!

Absolute banger mate. I love it!

GameBoyFireworks responds:

Thank you Maffi!

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4.68 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2021
1:32 PM EDT
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3 min 2 sec

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