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R o R e v o l u t i o n (...We Will Take Over Your Soundwaves...)


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Done for Round 4 - The Finals of: NGADM 2021

Welp, I guess this is what happens when a piano-playing robot and his band buddies decide to go mental after a glitch short-circuits their AI. . . Johnny-5 has gone on a murder spree, and it's time for another spooktacular Halloween. . . :D

Here's a lil' something kind of befitting the October spirit (corny, 80s schlock, B-rate, mad scientist Sci-Fi Horror synth), in time for NGADM's Finals. Song's chock-full of Funk, New Wave, and Electronica energy, made with inspiration by artists like Daft Punk, Master Boot Record, The Algorithm, The Blue Man Group and Infected Mushroom.

Enjoy. :) And Happy Scare Month everybody!


Also can be found on my BandLabhttps://www.bandlab.com/vodouqueenxiii

or Soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/angelique-vodou

(Made using Audacity & Cakewalk / BandLab DAW)

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Another banger!! Very cool, it feels allot like what I might make if I took the time to learn the skills to make music lol.

This is an official NGADM 2021 final round review

First of all, welcome to the final round of this year's NGADM. It's kinda crazy seeing people attempt the contest and make it to the finals on their first try. You're definitely not the first to do this, but I still welcome you all the same.

For first impressions, I wasn't expecting to get a movie intro, but I like how it introduces your song. Mmm the 2:20 section is delicious to listen to. You have some really good textures and atmospheres you've introduced here. 4:22 was a nice anti-drop. I was expecting it to build into a climax. I'm impressed with the wide range of feel/genres too. This song comes across as playful but not lacking in depth.

So as for the composition, there is definitely a lot going on. A lot of details, a lot of change ups, and a good number of stops/interruptions. I didn't even realize it was 6 minutes long the first time I went through this. There's a couple of stops I was dissapointed the same sound or same transition was used without any differences. To be nitpicky, the 2:01 section sounds a tad empty/dry. I say it's nitpicky because it does seem like it's meant to be a contrast of the section that's coming up after that. Basically it comes across as intentional so I don’t want to fault it. I also forget based on the description and occasional robot laugh that it's supposed to be a robotic horror feel, but it jams so well for it lol. Maybe we're observing in the mind of the rogue robot who's having a good time. So I'd say it can come across as maybe a tad dark, but it definitely dances around being I'll say spooky and being fun which I don't necessarily mind.`

As for the sound design and production, this is where it shines. It's well balanced and sounds pretty clean. Especially in the 2:20 area it's great to listen to. The only sound design complaint I really have is that the kick in that section sounds like a lower quality sample. Like maybe it's a tad bit crushed or missing some high end frequencies, but otherwise I think it fits. I also like listening to Infected Mushroom a bit and I can definitely hear that style in here when it comes around. This doesn't sound too quiet or too loud either. You've got a nice balance and contrast between each of your sections so there's some good energy management.

Again I dig it. I like the theme you picked and it was a fun ride to go on. With the amount of different styles that you were throwing in here, there weren't any that stood out stronger than the others and they felt natural. It also was a fun challenge to see where you applied your inspirations. The only artist I didn't recognize in your list was Master Boot Record, and I was surprised to see The Algorithm listed in your inspirations since I didn't hear any off camber rhythm heavy sections.

This is an official NGADM 2021 Finals judge review.

The atmosphere you build here is really good, and while most cases of including sound effects outside of what would be a film or animation don't usually go too well, it works pretty good here (and a brownie point for those WALL-E references lol). When the song goes into full kick, it feels like it loses some of that energy, but it still delivers a pretty good song with some well-mixed elements. It's also really good at keeping a good and fresh feeling throughout without keeping on one specific element for too long. The sounds used here are also really high quality.
If I have one thing to say in specific about the piece, it's that the energy of the beginning 1:12 seems to die out with the lack of sound effects for a lot of the rest of the piece. While the focus should of course be on the main song, adding in those effects wherever they can fit helps to carry over the energy from the first part of the song and keeps telling the story about this rogue AI through the entire piece.
Overall, really good job! Compared to your previous rounds, this feels a lot more cohesive and definitely better. I wish you the best against your three competitors in the final round :D

Got some kick ass textures, nice drum glitching and phat pads. I love the ambient breakdowns. The percussion is killer, especially that low industrial sound. Love the extra rhythmic garnishes and funky chord work too. The evolution flows naturally. For 6 and a half minutes, it didn't feel THAT long, as it kept me invested. That's hard to do for with the longer electro stuff, especially with my ADD.

R o R e v o l u t i o n is smoooth, funky, very creative and an excellent love letter to the 90's.

Congraturations on the front-page!

Oh man, what a concept! So much work went into this, I love it! Jobim in the intro and Wall-E audio clips really made it even more charming than it is!
Damn good! <3

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4.28 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2021
6:46 AM EDT
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6 min 37 sec

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