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after the world ended - NGUAC 2021

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after the world ended

"at first i agreed with them; the voices that told me to work, i knew that they were right. part of me felt an empty feeling when i wasn't producing sound, as if i was lacking something, like i needed to do more.

and then i started working; but they didn't stop. for them it was not enough, they saw, just like i did, that others worked faster and better, and they demanded more from me. from a song taking a month, it turned to a week; no matter how loud and detailed, the voices were never drowned out - you could always hear them clearly through the textured noises. it was as if the music itself was enveloping them and helping them become stronger...

i am long dead; i took my own life, yet i still hear them. i couldn't bare listen anymore - they were scraping at my eardrum constantly. every time i went to make music i felt bitter towards the others that were better than me, doing more than me, having more opportunities... and as the voices rang out, i decided to tie a noose and leave - leave them all behind. the noise was distracting me from doing what i loved, what i loved turned to a chore and i willed it that way.

for that one minute, i felt the voices leave and i flashed back at the music that i had made... masterpieces that i left behind with my body in the attic. i felt like i was floating in an open sea, i was empty and surrounded by the most beautiful song that i had ever heard, that of god and the 12 legions of angels that stood beside him, welcoming me to the afterlife... but the water whirlpooled, as the choir started detuning, it was pulling me in.

and i heard the devil's voice, as if it were my own; i'm still here, it whispered."

hello! this is my entry for the NGUAC 2021 finals! this is my first time experimenting and doing a hyperglitch track. i spent a total of a week working on this, which i am really proud of. i also discovered a lot of new techniques for sound design and arrangement, bringing my sound design to the next level.

99% of the sounds in this track are made by me, from the vocals, to the basses and the foley and drums, i only used some sounds from cymatics

for this track, i was inspired by a variety of artists, the biggest ones being Seskamol, with their "Reason" album and Alckemy, for a lot of the sound design tips that i used to make sounds for this track; other notable mentions are Alon Mor, Xtrullor and Virtual Riot. check them out if you like this type of music!

EDIT 14/SEPT/2021: the clicks in the orchestral section, in the vocals, etc. and all forms of "issues" are intentional, this track has no flaws when it comes to clicks and pops - i haven't gotten any complaints about it, just wanted to make sure i don't get any in the future

time spent was ~17 HOURS

started work on 7/SEPT/2021

finished on 13/SEPT/2021

~ ~ ~ ~  ~  ~


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tiktok @snares_works

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*software/hardware/samples that i use*


FL Studio

iZotope RX

Phaseplant and kHz plugins

EastWest libraries (subscription)

LABs & Spitfire libraries

MeldaProduction plugins

my own sounds

my friend's samples

artist samples (individual creators)

public domain / free samples

Cymatics sample packs

Antidote Audio sample packs

musicradar sample packs

my own music (sampled)

my friend's music (sampled)

Amen break (sampled)

Patricia Taxxon music (sampled)

Adobe Premiere Pro




Tascam DR-40X

~ ~ ~ ~  ~  ~

*thank you for listening!*

you are free to take this and use it however you like, make sure to send it to me if you do! 

i always love interacting with my audience, so feel free to leave a comment and ill reply asap :)

love you

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Very creative and experimental approach here. The vocals at the beginning have a few mic pops and crackles, but that may be on purpose. The dense rhythmic content at :14 reminds me of György Ligeti, and I do like the jazzy e-piano pads that pop in occasionally - they help ground the listener in some moving notes amidst the chaos of the rhythmic and vocal sections. The section at 1:15 was probably my favorite part - the light, airy tone and rich atmospheric texture at 1:30 are really nice, and I like how the vocals continue throughout that section. The dramatic pause right after the curse at 2:00 is a clever way of transitioning back into the frantic percussion riffs. The heavy and somewhat exotic-sounding texture at 3:05 is probably my second-favorite part of the piece. I feel like you could’ve used a conclusion that wrapped up the “narrative” element of the track. The vocals are the main thing giving this piece a sense of “story line,” so I would’ve liked to see them tie the piece together a bit more at the end. I also think the piece could’ve used some smoother transitions in places, at least between the vocals and rhythmic/staticky noise. As an experimental piece, I really enjoyed it for the variety and creative thematic elements. As a stand-alone track, I might’ve liked to see you integrate the various motifs better and also find some way of resolving the tension in the piece. Still, this is a stand-out track for me in a lot of ways. The sound design is superb, and the production and balance on the rhythmic sections is really well-done. Really creative and evocative work, SnaresWorks! Thanks for coming out to the NGUAC this year. It’s been a blast. ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

SnaresWorks responds:

thank you for your review! a lot of people have been saying that this track stood out to them, which makes me really happy! i tried doing something different than what everyone was going for, and i agree with most of the points that you made, i definitely could've sat a little more and changed up some things to make it have a better overall narrative :)

im definitely joining the nguac again next year, thank you for the review!

Probably the most immersive thing I’ve seen on Newgrounds. Insane job :)

SnaresWorks responds:

this warms my heart ^^ i work really hard to make great music with deep emotional themes and subjects, so whenever i'm told stuff like this, it makes me beam :)

oh......................... my........ damn god............ youre really artist!

SnaresWorks responds:

hehe, doin my best :')


This is so great, I can feel the story the text tells on the sound. 5/5

PS: I think I'm really becoming a fan of your music so keep doing whatever you are doing, it's just breathtaking :)

SnaresWorks responds:

i always love hearing people say that they love my music :) more coming soon, gonna make a post about it next week or so

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4.59 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2021
7:33 AM EDT
File Info
6.3 MB
3 min 28 sec
  • FL Studio
  • Hollywood Orchestra
  • Phase Plant

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