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Mount 511

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So, I haven't uploaded anything in a while. I had quite a few big projects open, yet to be worked on. I decided that I firstly wanted to finish this particular project, because this was the track that I had done the biggest part of. Only, I ran out of inspiration before I could finish the track. but... there's always an occasion for a workflow. So the last 5 days, I worked on this with no breaks on end. And this is the result.

It begins with a whistle tune (because I just felt like it) that I recorded in FL Studio with my Blue Yeti X microphone in stereo polarity, and I engineered with the sound in it, added with some underlying pad flows, which slowly build towards having a rhythm. The song takes several twists and turns.

I did a lot of experimenting with the various sounds in my program, until I thought to have found the right ones. I also moved sections several times throughout the piece (because otherwise it would just feel disjointed), and the mixing was also a big issue, because of compression that a piece suffers at a sample rate like 44.1 kHz. The solution: I just took a different reverb preset, and the track instantly sounds much better in my opinion.

As you could conclude, this was one hell of a journey to finish. What I wanted with this piece was a sense of unpredictability, and I wanted to reinvent myself, but not to the point of sounding completely inrecognizable. So when this song takes you by surprise, that was exactly what I intended. Enjoy your listen, and thanks for doing so.

Technical Specs:

BPM: 112

Genre: Breakbeat/IDM

Tone: A#

Instruments: Piano, Pads, String Sections, Soundscapes, Chronimum, Impact, Drum Sequencer, Bass, Arpeggio's, Vocal Sequences, Voice Samples, Bit Crushers, Sound Effects

Bitrate: 256 kbps

Sample Rate: 44 100 Hz

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My impression: this is quite atmospheric and nice to listen to. That whistle in the beginning in particular is neat. To me it adds a bit of mysterious quality to this piece. Like the quiet numbness after being blind sighted by something that caused an unexpected shock.

The only issue I have here is this piece seems to meander a bit, stylistically; the setup is great but it drifts in direction throughout the song and as a result it feels a little unfocused IMO.

Well done overall, though. :)

As for doing this all in one go: It’s impressive you were able to do this. That said, I don’t know your workflow or process, but I’d like to share with you that I personally find works for me to help with when I write music is to take at least a few minutes of break time throughout the day while working on a project to distract from the song, in addition to taking breaks between days. That way I can come back later with a fresher mind.

I hope that helps you as well. :)

BlighterProductions responds:

Hey man, thanks for the compliments and the tips about the song. I greatly appreciate it. And thanks for the tips about the workflow.

I personally like to work on music when my mindset is fully focused on it. If I have got the right ideas of what I want my song to be, I could work on it for hours on end without losing my focus on it. It’s just that I have a very busy time right now, and I can’t give one thing my undivided attention because of that, unfortunately.

Anyways, thank you very much.

Good stuff! The whistling adds a very eerie feel to the entire piece and is a nice touch overall. I feel like the piece would work great for a first person shooter, or any game that requires a certain "dark" ambience, especially the first and final parts.

I'm on the same page as DKPUser3678 when it comes to the variety within the piece. I think that the sections sound great by themselves, but the transitions between them are too sudden for my taste as well.

Overall, I like how you're trying different things, and although the transitions could be worked on, the general vibe of the song is great. Keep up the good work!

BlighterProductions responds:

Hey man. Thanks a lot for the review. I find it remarkable that people associate this with shooter games. I didn't directly had that in mind when I made this track. But yeah, I can understand the thought of it.

You're right. The transitions could have been smoother. I feel like I could have used one or two instruments from a section to flow into the next with, but I didn't come to doing so (I can't seem to remember why).

Anyways, thanks again for the review. I appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Okay, first of all, DANG this is a GOOD song! Let me point out why:

I could already hear (before even reading the description that you went for a particularly different style here. One to completely overturn what you usually do. I love that you try new things in a completely different style, in a completely different genre.

I can hear the experimentations in your work, and they work really well, from the distant and subtle whistle, with some softly attacking pads based under it. You can really sense a build towards a point. The buildup is unpredictable and challenging, which is a really strong point about this song.

Then the rhythm comes in, and I was SOLD. Distorted/glitched up bass with bit crushed rides/crashes that somehow sound way better into place than I ever thought they would be, and a nice, seemless switching between triol and solid beats?! Now that's creativity. I fucking loved every single bit of this part. When the cinematic climate entered, I was left in awe, closing my eyes like you told me to do by the end of this song, which I will get to in just a minute.

I feel like the pacing in this track could use some work, and by that I mean not even that much of a change. Each individual section is masterfully done in it's own. But they just don't cohese too well though. I think that's what you wanted to reach with unpredictability (which is certainly a characteristic about music that I can really fall in love with), but I feel like they're a bit too disjointed, as if you shifted different parts together and moved them to form a puzzle. Maybe making them flow into each other more smoothly may make it sound a bit better.

But that ENDING! I did not see that coming. The last two minutes of this track couldn't have been better. The piano and a dark whoosing bass/pad playing each other out beautifully make for an excellent experience. Not only is it of excellent idea, but also of execution. It's calming, and feels like you're put to rest after a long, exhausting, but beautiful journey. The wind blowing as an extra side track really captures the feeling (which is already something you're really good at), and makes for an incredibly satisfying ending, slowly fading into darkness.

Overall, I'm feeling a 9.8/10 for this. The only downside that I could find about this song wasn't even a big downside. The crafting, the mastering, the emotion, and especially the unpredictability that you put into this piece really make it a standout for me, and one of my favourite track that I have ever heard on first listen.

-Big thumbs up

BlighterProductions responds:

Fuck man, what an awesome critique you’ve got there again. Thank you very much for your time and effort to give this particular piece a review, full of attention to every tiny little detail possible.

Good thing I reached what I aimed for. A completely different style of which I wasn’t even sure what the results of it would be liked or not.

This would work really well as ambience for a game; I would imagine it being played in some lost facility level. Great job!

BlighterProductions responds:

Hey. Thanks. Much appreciated. I wonder what it would look like in a game.

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2021
9:00 AM EDT
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13.5 MB
7 min 22 sec

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