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The Runner

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The Year 2030, the world is dying from climate collapse. As the last generation of the Great Lakes street racers, Sam Hill have gone into the business of smuggling. Their trusty companion, the Charger Hellcat Demon once hailed in the old-world as the Drift King, yet it now has reduced into mere smuggling's tool. Runners, that's what they were called. Smuggling life-saving supplies and resources into the balkanized United States in the midst of the Great Water War. Runners also deliver confidential data stored in black boxes that were exchanged in and out of the Great Lakes Region, the last refuge and stronghold in the post-collapse Turtle Island.

Sam was awaken from a recurring nightmare and knocked over their cup. They glanced over to the clock and knew it was time for work. Leaving their shack in the darkness that located in the outskirt of Hamilton, Sam checked their phone for the latest intel on border security. Not good, there was another suicide attack by fundamentalist at the Niagara crossing. They needed an alternative route. Sam took out the Great Lakes Region map and located a clear crossing near an Indigenous reservation. Risky, Sam knew that whatever left of the old-world police force turned raiders whom had regularly carried out attacks on Indigenous militant strongholds. But there was no time to waste. Sam then packed for PPE, a CCW G23 with mounted suppressor, a primary SBR AR-15 with Holosun and 5 mags of black tip 5.56. IFAKs, MRE rations, flares, and pair of GMRS devices. Handy when SHTF.

Sam then headed to the garage and opened the lift. While other Runners have plated their vehicles with armor, Sam preferred lightweight maneuvering because they could carry more load. There is no use for armor as their adversary has switched to explosive launcher and stolen Javelin to neutralize Runners. Like most Runners, Sam's vehicle was modded for nitro booster but their was triple cylinders. Speed is all that matter, Sam thought to themselves. They entered the vehicle and started it, Sam always liked the moment when the engine revved up. Sam left their property and head to the pickup zone.

On their way to the zone they saw a pile of dead bodies on the roadside and disinfectant workers cleaning the tent camp. The pandemic hadn't been easy on the houseless population. Poor sods, Sam thought. Vacant homes on the side and tent camps everywhere. Nothing really changed, things just worsen by the day. Sam entered an abandoned outlet's parking lot and saw a dark Ford Taurus with tinted windows. Sam felt a tug in their stomach and wondered whether this was their contact or the police. Still, they signaled Morse codes with flash light to the Taurus, and soon Sam saw the response. It was safe to approach it. Sam drove behind the Taurus and its trunk popped open. Sam left their vehicle and opened the trunk, they immediately saw something else different from their past runs. Five black boxes and instruction to deliver to five undisclosed locations in the Northeast. Sam suspected this had something to do with an important group in the Great Water War but they kept to themselves. This was only a job. Among the black boxes there were also crucial medicines like insulin stored in cold boxes, a rarity in the post-collapse. Sam unloaded the payload and packed into their vehicle within 5 minutes, entered their vehicle and drove off.

Unlike other Runners who relied on GPS and BeiDou to navigate, Sam was an old-school who prefer their own experience, knowledge and intuition to navigate the path. One less trackable device and low-tech always better. On their way to the crossing, Sam saw the leftover of a battle zone. Charred vehicles and bodies. Sam also spotted a burned Runner vehicle on the roadside with whatever left of the Runner. Rest in power, Sam gave it a salute gesture and quickly drove off. At the crossing, Sam immediately saw a checkpoint of Indigenous militants, they raised their weapons, to signaled Sam to stop. Sam took out a red bandanna and slowly waved it out their window. The militants saw the bandanna and waved Sam through. The red bandanna was collectively chosen by Runners as the signal, and the symbol of their solidarity, inspired by the old-world legend of Appalachian miners who wore them in the Battle of Blair Mountain. Sam saluted the militants with raised fist and entered the United States. Whatever lied ahead was beyond dangerous, and the adventure of Sam Hill had begun.


I have a knack for predicting collapse events, but I also enjoy writing these kinds of stuff to brainstorm my thoughts. I'd have written more stuff if it wasn't for my shitty grammar. I also shoot and prep so I have good knowledge on these stuff. But today I ended up making a track inspired by this short story above. It's usually the other way around but I get goosebumps every time I thought about the collapse, so here it is the post-collapse story paired with an chill hybrid piece. (lol chill hybrid, is that even a thing)

The track took around 5 hours to produce. Yeah it was quite long for a track less than 2 minutes but the perfectionist-me accidentally kicked in and I kept re-rendering the track for like a dozen of version cos I can't mix while FL Studio lagged. Hey finally I made something nice with orchestral stuff! And it actually loops well unlike last two tracks.

Anyway, enjoy, and stay safe! :)

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I reviewed an earlier piece and wanted to see what is new. This is worlds better than what I listened to prior. This lacks a punchiness in your sound but the overall feel is well executed. I enjoyed listening to this and encourage you to keep it up.

Montron responds:

Thank you for your review! :)

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Aug 31, 2021
6:57 AM EDT
Video Game
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