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Salt The Earth

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Author Comments

for NGUAC round 2. desert vibes.

i was really struggling with the drop, every lead sound i put in seemed to be annoying, so I settled on a Serum preset and distorted it until it didnt sound too in your face anymore. idk what i was really doing here but I hope you enjoy this vibe

made with Logic Pro. all samples used are mostly concentrated in the drums, and were downloaded off of splice specifically (i'm not sure how gray that area is, but I think it's fine since I'm paying for the sample library.)

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Really creative intro, and the sound design is really engaging and fun between the gritty synth bass and sitar. The texture stays pretty thin for most of the first minute, but the sense of apprehension is cool, and I’m enjoying the rhythmic content. The part at 1:01 felt a bit anticlimactic, and I’m not sure the cheesy plucked synth melody really fit well with the ominous vibe of the minute before that. I also feel like, during the post-chorus at 1:15 or so, the gritty bass and melodies trip over each other a bit. The piano and organ at the breakdown worked well, and I enjoyed the dark turn in the progression at 2:06. The crunchy rhythmic outro was also really unique. Overall, the composition was a tad too experimental for me here - I think part of the problem is that you went experimental on a number of different parameters - sound design, harmony, rhythm, progression - so it got a little hard-to-follow after a while. I also think the mix, while clean, feels a tad too thin and constrained. Maybe part of it is that there isn’t a ton of treble in the frequency range, which makes it feel off-balance at times. Overall, there are a lot of really cool ideas in here, but the choppy arrangement and experimental texture don’t quite come together for me. I can tell you’re a really talented composer, though - the melodies themselves are enjoyable, the mix is really sharp and distinct, and the sound design has some really cool samples in it that fit the piece well. Keep at it, GearWax! :)

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

GearWax responds:

had a hard time working with the drop in general, nothing i did seemed to sound mono enough and the synth was a bit of a last minute change (as in i literally did it on the last possible day i could have sumitted)

the experimental sound is just kind of how I compose in general, it wasn't something intentional for this, I just kind of put ideas in based on whatever would sound good next most of the time which leads to the common review complaint that it feels choppy (as you pretty directly said lol)

thanks for review, even if it didnt make it. this is definitely on the table for a remaster or at the very least more attention put into it, I still think the ideas have more potential than i used them for

One of my favorite submissions so far, I love the creative composition.
Though the drops themselves are a bit lacking.

GearWax responds:

i admittedly struggle with drops in general bc when i tried to make it hit harder it broke the mix. thanks for listening!

this whole song has a really cool, dark vibe to it - i really love the direction you went. i especially love the last buildup, where everything sort of goes silent and the bass roars underneath

now, the only reason im really giving this a 4 is the mix; imo, i would make the drums pop a little more, since they feel drenched out by the bass and other sounds (especially in the first drop); even if the drums themselves arent the focus of the track, i still feel like theyre a bit too weak

outside of that, this is a great entry for the knockout round, loved it! :3

GearWax responds:

thank you! i kind of had to rush the mix at the end, so i understand your complaints. good luck in the knockout round!

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2021
10:45 AM EDT
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4.6 MB
3 min 2 sec

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