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Nobody Respects You(diss)

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Author Comments

Broken Needle on verses, Lejin on chorus. Diss to Ses and LipzAKAmcrako0n

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hell yes

how can i get the lyrics to your songs? they are the sickest shit on newgrounds

Broken-Needle responds:

I put them up on my page, but I only started doing that recently, for the older ones you gotta contact me, anyways thanks 4 da review,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

not bad

i must said you made good of my beat.

Broken-Needle responds:

yo man I knew I forgot something, I was gonna put in the description iz yours. Ma' fault yo, anyways appreciate the support,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out


lol... sorry dude idk man, my friend did a rap to this beat too, it was sick (literally), but that is not what I am here for.
It is more like you are just making statement after statement, not flowing. The chorus sounds alright. You have gun shot effects through the whole songs, but talk about making a sweater and the gun shots need to be on beat too, you can't just throw them in at a rough area it should be it has to be one with the beat. If you are talking about squashin haters then be violent, stick to that subject, stop talking too much about yourself it makes you seem full of yourself. It is all about the person you are dissing, you can't make a diss on someone and spend half the rap talking about yourself you say, "hey I am a fucking psyco and I will kill you!" Also it sounds like you are panicing the whole rap. Cut words down, I have a had a few cool raps that I have had to cut syllabols out of so it would flow. It reminds me of a sprinkler system... you know how it goes ch ch ch ch... chchchchchcchchcch, if you can follow that then cool, but that is the only way I can explain it. Just work on it that is all it takes is work. Good Luck with that.

Broken-Needle responds:

The beat ain't by me man, the gunshots were on the beat, thaz how i got it. An I know what you mean man, thanks for remindin'me it ain't about bragin' when it comes to disses, shit yo how the fuck cud I forget that, I appreciate it alot man. An' I know what ya mean about the sprinkler shit, iz jus so hard striping away ma rhymes cuz I kno how stupid some people are and they need as much explanation as they can get. Apprecaite the great feedback man,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out


so are u guyz gonna keep attackin eas other cuz this is very boring BN u can't rap bruh honestly and truly u have no flow at all bruh i'm not sayin i'm the best in the world i give u that u kno what good music is i gave u that much but rappin no no no sirrrrrr
i only listened to lejin chorus and that's it i don't care bruh stop my ears wanna cry they're bleedin to death don't quit ya day job i wuz spittin better than u at 13 i actually wuz on beat i don't care if u were high or drunk or on crack or LSD i don't care u can't rap bruh u just can't ti's not in u there's no way in hell u could get any better some ppl can rap some ppl can't and to speak the truth u can't even if u keep trying Nobody respects u dawg i ain't supportin nobody but n***as on NG don't kno what hip hop is how in the hell do u get rated up and i get rated down i ain't mad i don't care but the truth is i'm better than u and i get rated down bullshit ass n***as don't like real hip hop and yur not that i don't care how long you've been listening to hip hop hip hop is not u in anyway ....so i will prove my point that this beef is pointless and it's really pointless when your not even on beat yur delivery is not on point u have no punchlines where are yur metaphors...wait i forgot ....that u forgot that u smoke to much and u don't kno what they are cuz weed isn't an excuse for nothing and it will never be .....

Don't quit ya day job i have no reason to diss u yur no where near my level...

Broken-Needle responds:

Well Reven seems to me like ur wanting attention right now, u jus said u didn't even listen to ma' part so how u write such a long review based on assumption? And why are you coming to me when u being hated on? as u can see this track don't got the best score either, if NG is so bad then why da fuck are u still here? I put shit up here for the reviews, I couldn't care less about mines or anyone elses score. And what's wit this blind rage? U say u ain't got beef wit me then why u goin around sayin I beg u to not diss me? seems like u tryin 2 look all big to all these people on NG who don't know what real hip hop is, seems to me as if some1 fell from the top n once some1 else comes and takes his spot he gets pissed at the one person who was wit u from the beggining, maybe I haven't reviewed many o ya tracks, but I always went on ya page n gave u ma' 5. I even made that diss to AEP(even tho it was shit) but I put ma' word in. Now u jus come outta nowhere n start dissin' me, I ain't even that big on NG, I put shit up herefor feedback as I'vesaid b4. Anyways thanks for the blind rage,
BN out




- Beat Sick
- Shit soundin clearer
- Chours Is coo


- you gettin betta at spittin but still aint good as u could be
- Couple pops on tha chours lol ( all good tho)
- tha MOSES!!!.....why ppl tryn sound like Jim Jones all time its over played

keep workin tho homie


Broken-Needle responds:

lol, appreciate the honesty man, I agree ma' delivery n flow still got room 4 improvement, n I appriate u poitning that out, anyway thanks 4 da review n support,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2007
6:48 PM EST
File Info
3.1 MB
3 min 21 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.