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NGUAC - Wannabe Heroism (CRY.NN)


Author Comments

Knockout round submission!

This track is a mix of my old ideas and my new ideas. I have been struggling alot with my burnout and that resulted in a bad mix and structure. I somehow made the mix bearable and hopefully sufficient for the contest hahaha.

The subject of the track is yet again connected to my recent memories. This summer for me, was really bland and i wished that i couldve spent it alot better. However most of people i commonly talk to are enjoying their part of summer much more than i do, and its quiet wierd to be stuck in this hole pretty much alone when everyone is spending their time to the fullest.

The second subject of the track is unfairness. Some people get stuff without making effort and the others are the quiet exact opposite. I wish there was a hero that could change this wierd stereotype. I wish i could be the one. Thats why the name!

Anyways i hope youll like it!

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this is great

Sounds a bit like something you would here in the SIN album

All in all this is an amazing track, absolutely love this style of music

Jaysus Cry, synths and drums hit hella hard. Those raunchy 303 acid bass lines were piff. Could probably get away with automating some of those hard gabber kicks in such a way to get some variety in the cut off? They have a static cut off that can benefit from longer and shorter pulses. Those bass drums could also pulse at various velocities instead of the constant 100% hard style max volume.

I love hard styles and the unique sounds these genres evoke but I know that the judges for these comps don't always have the exquisite taste people like you or myself might have. You can soften up the drums a little and then sprinkle some of that hard style in at key points. Even the shoe gaze kids will appreciate the apparent restraint. You and I can handle pure hard style but I worry that this will kill the judges. Their bodies can't handle the pure unmitigated force of your bass music. You're a mad man Cry D':

This is near perfect hard style. I'm only trying to coach the best work out of you right now, if you got some time to make changes I'd recommend fusing some more genres in here. You could sidechain a piano to the front of everything, punch it thought the gabber. That ambient section could benefit from a string section, maybe you could have some orchestral strings crescendo in and out, swapping places with the saw pad like an evolving instrument. You can rumble up some orchestral bass drums, or use cymbal swells for transitions. Merging orchestral and video game sounds into your songs will make newgrounds judges hard... do what you will with this advice c:

I wish I had some headphones on right now so I could get a sense of the panning, those ambient sections can benefit from a diverse field. Ààaaaa sorry, I got distracted for a minute. Fell on the keyboard. Where was I... PANNING. You can always make room for more things with clever panning. While your pushing the compressors to the max, you can also pan sounds. Certain elements sound best in the middle like bass&snare drums, sub frequencies, leads... but pads and aux drums can be tossed into various unique places in the field. Tambs, hi hats, shakers can all get panned. A benefit I learned a long time ago is that a panned instrument will have this illusion that it is louder than it really is. You can consequently turn those levels down a little which makes room in the mix for other sounds.

One last thing, I might recommend putting a filter on that saw pad and slowly automating a reveal?? With the idea of swirling in orchestral sounds, that synth can hand off the lead from time to time and that entire section could sound hella more triumphant! Huzzah!!

Sorry to leave you a wall of text on a competition song Cry. I want you to be the hero you want to be. I want you to become the Phoenix that emerges from the ashes. You are a mountain. You are a lion. I believe in you.

CryNN responds:

;D thanks for the review as always Quarl. its always a pleasure to read them!

God damn SOLID!!!!!!


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4.33 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2021
6:12 AM EDT
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6 min 9 sec

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