The Odd

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Instead of 2 keys, I used 4. Also fooled around with events... Tell me what you think!


It makes me happyerfullerer!

When I listen to this i feel like im on ecstasy.

Mm... Delicious

Though the sounds may have been annoying to people I actually find it quite enjoyable though pingy without much reverberation, note I'm not one for even touching a musical making thingamajig on computers (OMG THINGAMAJIG) and thus am not very good with noting what should be in a musical piece. Although i might not listen to this more than twice in one day under any condition it has great affects, it feels like the source of the sound is constantly spinning around me because im using a headset. Makes me dizzy, I like it :D 5/5 10/10 +.86, must've been alot of 0 flamers through here.


this is the result of too much happiness...heh, overall i liked it, but you may wanna put some more effects on your synths, some more reverb and alittle EQ wouldnt hurt at all, but keep at it, mess around some more...you have the melody work done. Keep it up, nice job.

johnfn responds:

Thanks for the review, for some reason I didnt get around to this one. You are indeed correct about the effects on synths; now that I listen to it now, it doesnt sound quite right. Then again, that happens to me with all songs, but I can hear exactly what you mean. I'm not exactly sure what reverb is and only a slight idea what EQ is (my noobishness at work ) so at the risk of sounding really stupid, once i figure out what they are, I'll probably (definitely) concede you are correct. Thanks for the review, and as soon as I learn a little more about what exactly I'm doing I'll probably realize you were a genuis. Hehe.

ooh! me likes!

First off, let me say i love arpeggios and you my friend certainly had some of those in this song. This had a very nice combination of sounds, with the buzzy panning arpeggiator. then the full whopping bass. But man, this song was all over the place and that's what kept it moving and not boring, transistions between the different elements would be appreciated though. OH! you had a cool beat come in and i was really getting into it and then you dropped it, and then back but no other percussion than the kick (that i could hear) next time work on a more solid beat that will keep this song organized and unified. loved it man. keep on working it

johnfn responds:

Thanks a ton for the review. Especially hearing reviews from you (You rock the techno section, man) makes me feel happier. The beat is one thing I seem to get messed up on. Next submission I enter (after The Different) I'll try a little harder on the beat and see what I can do. Additionally, transitions, thats interesting, hasn't been said before but I think I can do that.

Thanks for the review again, its good to see that you take the time to check out other people's audio.

Thanks again.

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Jun 22, 2004
12:10 PM EDT
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