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The Graveyard Inferno

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The Graveyard is burning! Get out of there before you burn to death! ( Climax at 1.00 )

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you forgot the flaming zombies


What I See

0:00-0:10 An old man awakes late at night and his room is illuminated by some light coming from outside. He looks out and there is a pillar of light shooting from a spot in the distance.
0:10-0:21 A woman in a car turns a corner and sees the same pillar of light, only much closer.
0:22-0:37 Crowds of curious people start walking slowly towards the pillar, and see that it is coming from a large crater in the middle of a park. Some people enter the crater to examine what it is. In the last few seconds it shows the expression on a man's face, curiosity, surprise, and then AHH!
0:38-0:52 Seen from a distance, the object explodes and a sphere of debris and pyrotechnics is rapidly expanding from the spot. Then, seen on a neighborhood street, it is quiet and dark. It begins to light up and people step outside. Then, the whole street is flattened by the wall of destruction.
0:53-1:20 In the crater, it is quiet once more, although sirens and screams can be heard in the distance. The object is now exposed, a U.F.O. of some sort. One of the plates on the outside is punched out, and some sort of limb escapes. Soon, the whole creature is outside of the craft, followed by dozens of the like. They run around the city, biting and scratching any humans not totally disintigrated in the explosion.
1:21-1:43 Seen from beyond the city limits, the city is burning and buildings are collapsing. Screams and more explosions can be heard while smoke rises from the whole area.
1:44-End The creatures return to the ship and shoot off back into space, leaving behind the wreckage of the once great city.

Awesome song, and DragonAnimations your story was cool too xD I wish I had flash so I could make the above story. Cazok, you never fail to amaze me. Thanks for uploading.

holy shi-

thats frikin badass may i use this in a game im working on


When I heard this, I got a excellent story in my head.

Before the song starts, you stand in the middle of the graveyard on a high hill, just after defeating some boss or something. then when the song starts, you notice the flames spreading fast from distant far away.

At 0.22 you start running, and you feel the panic spreading in your body as the flames draw closer. At 0.52 you come to a closed gate, the flames burning everywhere. You understand that you MUST get out of there at once.

At 0.59 you start climbing over the fence. It is several meters high, and before you reach the top, the flames has reached to the other side. When you finally are at the top, you see that there is no other way out then to jump over the flames that now burns below you.

At 1.21 you jump with all of your strength, and with a minimum margin you make it over the flames. You run away as fast as you can, and At 1.41 you watch the burning graveyard from safe distance. A horrible sight.



The original material I find in here isn't much to my liking, it needs more depth and balance before I'd call it worthwhile. What material I do like is almost straight out of the Matrix. Not particularly worth a listen.

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Nov 17, 2007
6:39 PM EST
Video Game
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