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Fidelity - Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

Fidelity is one of my favorite words. Whether it's a relationship, friends, or family, it's important to trust and be loyal to one another. I don't usually come up with proper titles for my audio projects but this song feels like one of my more powerful projects and I feel like it deserves this name.

Anyway, I'm really glad to finally have this uploaded for everyone to listen to and I hope you all enjoy! :D

EDIT (September 9th, 2021):

I replaced the audio file with a better mixed/mastered version. The original had a lot of high end and barely any body (lower mids) so I decided to fix it up. Hopefully I didn't just end up ruining the mix lol. I tried my best to keep everything well intact.

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this is great, we listening to it at the newgrounds podcast block party right now

DJ-Cassell responds:

Thanks! And that's so cool :D Hope y'all are havin a good time at the block party.

I like the bright strings at the beginning. The fade-in could’ve been a tad more creative, but the orchestral flair of the piece with the mallets and piano works really well, and there’s a good sense of build into the energetic electronic section at 1:00. The production quality is really strong, although the drum part is a bit bland and the piece could use some stronger melodic content to keep me engaged after a while. The most prominent element in the texture is the staccato-y synth lead that’s mostly just outlining the chord progression for 2 minutes. Something more dynamic-sounding would be a welcome change at some point. That said, I enjoyed the cutesy arpeggios at 3:00 and the mellow outro. You clearly have a great sense of harmony and progression, and strong mixing and mastering skills too. The sound design here is also really well done. I think boosting your score from the 8-range to the 9-range would just require a bit more ebb-and-flow in the composition, and maybe a more original harmonic pattern at some point. Until then, keep up the good work, DJ-Cassell! :)

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

DJ-Cassell responds:

Love this! Thank you so much for your inspiring compliments and detailed review. I shall keep in mind your criticism as I produce more music in the future :D

very nice chord progression! really love the vibe of the intro even though it's a little long. love the energy coming into the drop too. i think overall the mix is a little on the bright side, i think the snareclap and some of those hihats sound a little brittle and probably need a little rolloff on the treble. although that arp sounds great, it bounces about a bit too much to provide the melodic backbone the track needs. the ending feels like you kinda gave up on it little bit, like it doesn't have the same attention to detail in its winding down that the intro has building up. great sound though, make more!

important notes on my NGUAC review process: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1476427/18#bbspost26965604_post_text

DJ-Cassell responds:

Thank you for pointing out all of these details that need working on. I always find it easier to write intros than outros so I should look into and focus on outros more. As for the EQ of my mix/master I've been thinking about buying an analyzer plugin such as Izotope Tonal Balance to help me EQ my track better since I can only mix on headphones at the moment. I do have a pair of KRK speakers but I'm having technical difficulties with them. It's an easy but kinda expensive fix though. Anyway, this review is amazing. Thank you!

Trying this review on my iPad. I really like the intro with the sharp strings. I like the evolution and how it explodes with the riser. Nice tight beat to it and the melodic progression is enjoyable. Then another riser and the song continues. I’m really digging it so far. If I was to give any room for improvement I would say maybe could change up the lead instrument after the second rise, maybe up it an octave or add effects or even change the lead instrument. But that said, top notch production! Kudos, -G

DJ-Cassell responds:

Thank you for this great review! That is also a great tip that I will keep in mind. I should keep things interesting by changing things up with effects or any other alterations. I can't wait to listen to more of your tunes! :D


DJ-Cassell responds:


Credits & Info


4.24 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2021
3:35 PM EDT
File Info
8.2 MB
3 min 34 sec
  • FL Studio
  • 3x Osc
  • Session Strings
  • DX10
  • Phase Plant

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