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Untitled Piano II

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Author Comments

One-try piano improv with FX over rain I recorded the other night. Reeeelaaaax.


very nice :)

its hard to describe this piece, seeing as im not a true professional on things of this caliber. this caliber being classical. but i can say, with some degree of certainty, that you effectively used the piano to draw you into the rain. its so relaxing, that there may not be any typos in this review, which would be a sheer miracle. it sounded great, very pleasing to the ears. it holds its own unique charm, hard to identify, hard to desribe. the opening kind of makes it have an element of mystery to it, a, "whats going to happen," kind of feel. then the real song starts to develop, and you realize the openning piano rift is just the underlaying beat... then the harmonics drop in. the rain and harmonics and piano underlay fuse to make one hell of a piece. maybe it deserves a title after all? only time will tell my friend. wonderful job. keep it up! :)

Gillenium responds:

I appreciate it! :D

reeeeelllaaaaax .....

0:30 is where it started picking up and SOMEHOW reminded me of zelda. when its raining hard and the sky is dark. well, thats just me. =]

but i love this. so smooth

Gillenium responds:

Thanks! Your name is Hylian-Kid and you're comparing me to Zelda? That's a special kind of honor, I think!

England 1920

It certainly started off somewhat slow, but until the middle I could really appreciate this track for it was.

I personally think there is some flaws in this track...the improv in the intro seems a bit sloppy. But once the high pitched notes hit every sounds very nice. Varying dynamics and levels of wide reverb sound awesome in here. Great creativity, as the amount of reverb decays as the song progresses. I really love the meat of the song, sounds like one huge delay effect bouncing off two giant, dark walls, in the middle of a once barren desert, under an evil, dark night sky. and you can still pick up some very attractive high pitched melodies. It almost sounds like a pad. (it almost sounds like there's also a clarinet and flute at some points)..

Now the latter half of the track....I too appreciate listening to the beauty of rain. If it ever rained where I live I would sleep like a baby every night. so I listened to it three times now, and noticed the variations(or atleast the ones my mind invoked). I still would say it could use some more stuff over the top to make it interesting add diversity, such as light thunder crackles, maybe an animal sound, some feedback or a atmospheric synth, something exactly like what you have at the end of the track. More ambience wouldn't hurt IMO.

as always, pleasure listening to your music.

Gillenium responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review! As for the critiques, the track is what it is. I recorded rain earlier in the week, and I wanted improv to go with it, so I played that. That's basically it. The intro is sloppy, because it was completely improvised. When I finally hit a nice melody, I was quite surprised, haha. I kept it rolling for as long as I could. I played it back one time and improv'd the reverb fx, and that was it. I did hope for thunder when I was recording the rain, but unfortunately, it didn't happen. I did get a nice effect when the wind swept more rain in. You can hear that near the end. The track isn't so much about a song, but the processes going on. You can hear how I find the melody, you can hear how the rain changes, and like you said - you can imagine what the song sounds like when the reverb is overwhelming. What's in your mind is usually better than what you're precieving anyway. I don't expect people to treat this like a best-effort Gillenium track, so I'm glad you didn't!

Nice and trippy...

One thing though... The plugin/soundfont/intrument set/whatever you use is of low quality. I had to say that...

Gillenium responds:

Uh thanks? I don't think the piano sounds low quality. Even if it did, I don't really understand why anyone would care. Sometimes, a "crap" recording can add a lot of personality to a song. Straight piano in perfect quality? Booooriiing.


Love the improv, my only probelm with it was it stopped at like 2:30...and i was waiting for more piano...but none came. Anyway it was still very nice and relaxing. It's good meditation music. Great job.

Gillenium responds:

Well, I had to give the rain its time to shine, too! The piano was really just a trick to get you to listen to the rain as if it was a piece of music (which it is to me). Thanks for the review!

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4.12 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2007
1:39 PM EST
File Info
5.6 MB
4 min 3 sec

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