A World Of Instruments (FF4)

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This is the best song I have ever made, listen to this shit, awwww YEAH!!!!


Nice song...

I would have gave you higher scores, but the junk at the beggining whatever they say is kind of annoying, but keep up the good work, its a good song :)

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Warning to Black Lightening, Incredible Song

This is a Warning to Blacklightening...you are being warned now, if you ever criticize about something you understand nothing again...I will personally see to it that your account gets deleted. I own every version of Final Fantasy 4 that has ever come out, FF2 on Super Nintendo, FF4 on GBA (the one where you can switch your party at the end), FF4 from Chronicles, FF2 (Snes version official) on Rom, FF4 unofficial Translation on Rom, and the final one (I think there's a third one). My point is...I know just about everything there is to know about FF4.

No one knows the music from that game better than I. This is not the original World Map Theme direct from the game. You wish to hear the original...go to bluelaguna (not promoting teaching this MORON what the difference is). I will be happy to provide you with a link in an email some other time. That place has the original MP3s so you can listen to the FF4 overworld theme and see the differences you imbecile!

Anyway...now that I'm done warning that idiot.

This music is utterly incredible...the use of the main melody instrumental changes is briliant. And for your information Blacklightening you'll notice there are no drums or precussion in it, whereas in the real game there is!! If you paid attention you'd know that, the real music has drums in the background IDIOT!!

Sorry but it feels so rewarding...anyways I love what you did with it, taking out the precussion and adding in some new instruments and making it more lively was a brilliant move, now could you do Rydia's theme? I love Rydia, she's my favorite Final Fantasy girl save Terra and Celes, and that's only by a little ways. Thank you take care my friend

Hes an Idiot

Hah the guy a few posts below me has NO clue what he is talking about. This is ANYTHING but a rip. I think I have played FF4 enough times to tell the difference. This is well done.

My jaw dropped at how clear and wonderfuly done this was. Im downloading it right now.

But yeah, the speech or whatever in the begining could be done without. It kinda reminds me or Clock crew. Not exactly what I was looking for in the begining to a song like this.

Good, 'cept for the beggining.

Um... this WOULD have been really really awesome were it not for that weird thing at the very beggining. Still, gotta give you an "A" for effort. If you could make a version that's just the insturmental part it would the best!

The talk in the begin was a bit unfunny...

But hell, I like this, and I so wish that I was a flash/Java Pragarmer right now...I have you and ParagonX9 with downloaded tracks, but hell I love VG music, it's always been the true best to be, even above anime music...because, well the Video Games (and PC) have an adventerous side to them, and plus they are mainly lyricless, in which I like. But I am disappionted to hear that you ripped this from the soundtrack of FF4, but hell, it sounds great...5 out of 5

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Jun 18, 2004
3:54 PM EDT
Video Game
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