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So he leaves us and walks,once again,upon the paths that angels tread..."Cya later Grampa"

EDIT: This is long overdue, but for those of you that don't know where this song came from...it is a version of Faraway Promise from a game called Xenogears...I wonder if I can remake this o_o.

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I've never played Xenogears but...

I can tell this is a brilliant song, even if I don't know the original. It's got that... Certain ring to it that just screams brilliant. Keep up the good work.

/* Br1tt */

Cosmos8942 responds:

Oh, hey Br1tt, really really sorry I haven't been on...at all to submit and answer any reviews that have been around. Seriously though, this wasn't the easiest song to do simply because I had to play with the volume, enhance some effects, change a few key notes and some minor ones and overall give myself a headache.

Yay for aspirin!

What the hell...

OH MY GOD. This is a coincidence I am sure, but you created a song for the same purpose I created my song called (::Goodbye::) Lol, check it out and you will see what I mean. Well, goo djob in playing it all on your own, but I really didn't like the style. It seems to have a good score, however, so I will give you that. =)

Cosmos8942 responds:

Hmm...its because this style is different from the either 'Calm and collective, or Chaotic and Messy' style that is normally heard on a piano, or any song in general. The ups and downs, along with the higher pitched notes combined with the lower pitched ones shortly after tend to create a symphony few can truly enjoy. But look past those quirks and listen with your heart my friend, then you will feel the music, for listening is only part or what should be done.


Thanks though, reviews are always appreciated ^^.

Very nice

it was quite nice because it came with a back story, more to read while i listen. The great thing about this is that it sounds completely original to me. The problems is that it's very hard for me at times to listen to a song without instrumental/sound/trance (etc.) variations. In order for the song to seem complete and save yourself time for more ear candy; you should shorten the length. It's great but it just seems like a long loop ^-^;. The fact that it's piano sounds quite nice but it sounds a little fake, you should try the real thing sometime (if haven't presently) and you might also want a bass note or sound so that the song doesn't sound completely solid. Very nice job and quite calming, i wish you much luck for the future and send me another note for more reviews ;).


Cosmos8942 responds:

Thank you...and that backstory was intended to be read due to the...problem that could insue without. Good! :D That is what I wanted...remember, I started out with something that was completely my own piece, got stuck, and found this one due to a friend of mine. What I did was work with that piece to create this...which is the reason I was surprised anybody would know that this was indeed the "Faraway Promise" song from Xenogears massivly remixed to sound not at all like the original. Anyhow, I have been thinking of putting more instruments into this (remix the remix?) and make it into something that is more orchestral and that you can listen to without being bored. I am wondering if I have enough time left to do all the projects I want to do as I will be leaving Dec. 11th and probably won't be back on for at least 6-8weeks. But I will see what can be done...and that is a promise well made I think.

I hope ^^,

Pretty nice job

You might want to mention that this is a version of Faraway Promise from Xenogears in the Author comments (in case people want to hear what it's from).

I gave you a 7 cause it's still a nice remake (I certainly couldn't have done better), but it seems a little sloppy in some parts. I think the biggest problem is that it's just not really a song fit for a piano, or at least one so strong. Maybe make it a little softer.

Cosmos8942 responds:

You are right...at least in a sense. This may sound wierd but let me lay out the story behind this song.

The day goes by normally enough and then I find out that my grandfather died. But life goes on as it will. Of course I am thinking about him too much and I find that I need something to take my mind off it at least a little. So what do I do? I turn towards music. I sat down at my computer I started to try to remix some pieces, that didn't work, so I decide that I would try, once again, to make my own. I get started...one of my friends logs onto their MSN (yes I have friends XD) messenger account and I decide to go "Oh hey, want to listen to something I have just started on?". I didn't even wait for a response, I just sorta sent it over right away. She listens and tells me that it sounds really good. Ok, but here is the odd twist, she also says that it sounds like 'Faraway Promise" from Xenogears (as you have said above). I simply say, "What is that?" (or something like that) and she sends it over.

Now it woudn't have been so bad if it had been a little like it, but the 20 seconds I had started sounded damn near exactly like it, which kinda annoyed me. But I was out of ideas at this point so I decided to integrate the 'Xenogears' song in with what I already had and this is what I came out with. Perhaps a little unbelievable, but let me just say that I felt it should go into classical because of what I did with it, and here is where it will stay^^.

Thank you for the review and for reminding me that the whole thing was not completely mine (seriously I had pretty much convinced myself that this was all mine =.=).

Now I felt like I had lied to all of you and for that I am sorry, forgive me and please keep enjoying what I do....perhaps one day, I will get better.



This is one of those songs you turn on just to relax for a few minutes ^^
You said "this may not be a real piano", then what did you use when making it?

Cosmos8942 responds:

Just a simple Acoustic Piano sample in my Anvil studio program. It comes quite close to sounding like the real thing doesn't it? :P.

But yeah, I quite like this one, but hey...perhaps I will remix it :P.

Blah and blah,

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Nov 7, 2007
12:23 AM EST
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