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AIM 2021 - System Error


Author Comments

My second commission for this years 2021 Art Inspired Music Contest I wanted to do something a little different but also simple. In collaboration with @Kamikaye I give the viewers and listeners "System Error", an Electronic soundtrack with an industrial futuristic background.

About System Error:

From beginning to end "System Error" has always been a work in progress. It's one of the few songs that ended up finished but also unfinished. It was something that was made to be simple. Originally the song was supposed to be about 8 minutes in length for a video game concept similar to Geometry Wars and Metroid but I ended up cutting time down to about 4-5 minutes. When making this song I knew what I was going for but it became difficult for me to fully utilize the tools and plug-ins needed to give it extra sound. Vocals were supposed to be added to the song in an attempt to make something rather cinematic but I got overwhelmed with the amount of music I was making that I ended up putting it aside for much bigger projects. The song was intended to be part of an EP Album alongside "Ex Machina" and "Inertia" (Not yet Released). My goal for this one was to give listeners the feeling of being inside a cybernetic maze, much within the futuristic aspect of Sci-Fi music. Most of the time I was thinking about robots and androids while making this piece so I felt like there could have been so much more added onto but couldn't think much of what I wanted. I'm hoping to reupload a newer version in the coming months.

Collaborating with Kamikaye:

Kamikaye is a brilliant artist, focusing on abstract and space themes that brings out the Sci-Fi and Fantasy out of paper to realism. His art has always been my go to for any sort of collaboration simply because the man is a genius. Being my top artist within the Newgrounds community Kamikaye has collaborated in a total of 6 pieces in the past both for the Art Inspired Music Contest and the annual Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. For this year I chose two pieces of art for this particular song: ParalexCity and Industrial Zone.

During the time I was unsure of what my second submission would be because of work and not having much time to look over my options but in the end I decided to go with "System Error". I was also unsure of what art piece I wanted to collaborate with this piece and the original being ParalexCity but I felt that Industrial Zone was the perfect match for this due to the theme and the darker themes which presents itself as sort of an underground concept. The factory and machinery in this art piece brings a sort of contrast alongside the red shades with the shadows giving it some life for the viewers, almost like molten lava taking over. Industrial Zone was just the right fit for this collaboration and it makes me happy!

I hope you all enjoy this second submission for the AIM Contest this year and please don't forget to check out more of @Kamikaye work via the link below:


As mentioned in my first submission and soon in post, ALL SONGS will be available for download soon! Follow me for more music and follow @Kamikaye for awesome art! Happy AIM and good luck to all!

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this feels wierd, but it's good too

Teckmo-X responds:

It's a good song just never really finished it entirely

Initially, this track was quite underwhelming for me, but I did grow to appreciate it the more I listened to it. One aspect I found particularly fascinating is how the track develops from an atmosphere-building first section to a more melodic but still minimal second section. While the first section does have a melody to it, it feels more like it's wandering with its much slower chord changes and more sparse rhythms. The second section, in contrast, goes through more of a progression per phrase and ends on a perfect cadence. I enjoyed the contrast between these two sections a lot.

Even though I do appreciate the track trying to stay simple and avoid building up in an expected way, I find myself questioning whether or not the actual progression of this track is, in the long term, impactful. Because the changes are mostly melodic and the instrumentation is kept quite minimal, there is more of a challenge in finding that alternate approach to connecting with the listener in an impactful manner.

In the second section, I found the ducking of the volume in the lead when the snare enters to be distracting. But this section is wonderful, especially the way it filters in.

Overall, I think the simplicity does give a sense of distance similar to the perspective presented in the "Industrial Zone" artwork. It is a very good entry.

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you for your feedback! I really do agree with you. The song was not a finished product but I intended to make it longer and/or even perhaps add more into it. I feel like it could have been an amazing song but it was simple and it just hit me when I was making this I wanted something rather simple rather than complicated. I do hope to put more work into it in the near future. I believe the best one out of all my submissions would have been "Ex Machina" if you get a chance to listen to it let me know what you think. I tried to bring in some Rezz and Notaker similar to his song "Fatal System Error". I appreciate your review and your time!

I like this song. It's good. It's not as good as some of your other songs. But it's a step in the right direction.

Teckmo-X responds:

I do agree. It's not a finished product but I'm hoping to update it in the near future.

Sure i want put for this track 4 stars , but i feel how many efforts put in this , so i see only one variant - full 5 .
Nice work , this can use in main menu of futuristic game :)

Teckmo-X responds:

Thanks Galaxy! My music has always been about space and I'm fascinated with the thought of it!

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Jun 21, 2021
9:31 PM EDT
Video Game
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