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AIM 2021 - Ex Machina


Author Comments

To start I'd like to briefly apologize that I haven't been as active. I've been currently working full time across the states as a low voltage technician and can't seem to find much time to work on music and publish new samples for the time being. Schedule will be back to normal sometime mid July. I never left, I just took a small break from things to clear up my mind.

About Ex Machina:

When I first started switching my genre of music was when I first got hooked on artists like Notaker and REZZ. They are two of my favorite artists and my source of inspiration when it comes to making music. I get inspiration from Notakers atmospheric basslines and REZZ's mysterious space-like drops and sounds to create a sort of storytelling feel to my music as seen in other songs like "Underwater Bitz" and "High Voltage". When I made Ex Machina I was thinking mostly about space and the mysteries that it beholds. Most of my music IS in fact inspired by space themes and categorized as either electronic dance music or synthwave in a new form of it's own. Ex Machina is the first song I started working with Xfer Serum and it also has elements of Maschine. The goal was to create atmosphere but also give it tension to my listeners. In the interludes it's meant to give listeners a feel of floating and pondering into the vast reaches of space, to give them the feeling of seeing and beholding the beauty of space like structures itself such as cities and empires. I also like to add some Egyptian elements into my music as I'm not only a huge fan of Egypt but also a firm believer in it's history. Ex Machina is a Sci-Fi thrill that give listeners goosebumps but also the tension that creates beauty in sound itself.

Collaborating with Kamikaye:

I can't draw or create art in the form of ink or colors but when it comes down to having art featured along side my pieces I always choose @Kamikaye. Kamikaye has been my top favorite artist since way back in 2018. Kamikaye has some of the best art I've seen thus far in the art portal and his ability to create various Sci-Fi, futuristic, and fantasy like themes is similar to my ability to create music in the futuristic aspect. His bright but dark colors and shading gives viewers a taste of the multiple possibilities of what space would be like if it had been inhabited by humans. I think what really made me fall in love with his artwork was the pieces of planets and supernovas he would draw out and is surely an eye opener. Your eyes can shift from one color to another and it never stops as you admire his artwork. Please check out some of his latest art in the link below:


For my first AIM submission I give you "Ex Machina", a futuristic sci-fi soundtrack with a mysterious nature in collaboration with @Kamikaye and his amazing space themed art! I hope you all enjoy this collaboration, both the art and music.

The song won't be available for download yet but I will be making a post on when all my songs including Ex Machina will be available for those download clicks. Follow me for more upcoming music in July and follow @Kamikaye for more space and Sci-fi related art that's sure to blow your mind! Happy A.I.M. Day and good luck to everyone!

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Like a good dream, love it

Teckmo-X responds:

I'm getting a sense of nostalgia

I like it! Feels like a video game!

Teckmo-X responds:

Time to plug & play! Thank you!

I like it! It's pretty good. I am glad you are relising music agian.

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you! It's been a rough time but I'm getting back with some really cool Rezz vibes!

That pad are awesome 3:38
ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ A strong song!!

Teckmo-X responds:

Thanks! The atmosphere was tricky and it was the first time working with Serum. It will be coming out soon in my first EP Album. Glad you enjoyed it!

Wooooow que ritmo mas bueno :D

En mi opinión sirve para cualquier juego que tenga que ver con el espacio

Teckmo-X responds:

¡gracias! toda mi vibra se concentra en temas espaciales y estructuras atmosféricas. mi música se está convirtiendo en un género más oscuro con cada día que pasa, pero también es hermosa de alguna manera

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4.53 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2021
8:42 PM EDT
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7 min 14 sec

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