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sry 4 my long break i was very lazy -_- this song is dedicated to my lil fangroup d(^-^)


Good Remix,

But you should definetly state some where that it's a remix of Tell Me Why. I know you probably weren't trying to hide it in anyway and I love your work, I'm just saying.

Great Job!!

Cool remix

Pretty sweet but perhaps you could add a bit more thump to the actual tune if that makes sense, not too much but something that really gives it an extra edge over the competition :). The song in case anyone is wondering is called Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat (yes I'm sad enough 2 know that stuff :D)

ChandlerJ out.

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I like this! :D

It's very high-quality music, you definitely know what you're doing! Let's see whether or not I've got any criticism for it...

None up to about a minute and a half into the song, great job! :D But at that point, I hear a guitar... is it just me or have I heard a guitar like that before? Just a random thought, I might be wrong. But, guitar choice aside, it's definitely well-used.

I'd have to say that the buildups are definitely a bit lacking, like navij11 did, so that probably means you really need to work on them now, huh? ;D You could also have made them a bit more rewarding - more powerful climaxes and the like, as I wasn't really feeling it for them. ;)

I also hear very recognizable VEC sounds, and while that's not very often a problem with the casual trance listener, it probably will be with your fellow trance makers. ;) Try to disguise them a bit, you probably know how and were just being lazy... :P

You know, the "weird dist synth" as referred to in the other review, I actually find to be an awesome creative touch. I always like to hear things like that in trance songs, so great job there. :D

Not quite one of your best - you can do better - but it's still pretty good! Keep at it, I can't wait for your next submission. >:)

One other thing - care to stop by my page sometime and review my latest? The .flp file corrupted and I didn't have a backup, resulting in an edit of an old render being submitted, but I still think it's decent and worth a review sometime. (It hasn't gotten one yet. ._.)Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work. :D

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Sweet Mix dude

It seems like your deticated to your music


Woo! First review! Anyways, lets listen.

Opens up sounding a bit like Mr. Armin van Buuren, whom I respect very much. Thats one weird dist synth though!

Ok, upper synth kicks in. Nice melody as, always. Ok, filter automation. A bit too much rez there, but there's nothing you can do about that.

Ok, cool fill, and suddenly, it BREAKS into... nothing. Man, there needs to be alot more tension there, like Lost-in-Translation. That was like a perfect song.

Ok, a second build... Its going up. Fill again, sounds like a trance synth coming. Pitchbend up, again, I don't feel the tension and release. Of course, melodies are nice, but the builds were really lacking in this one.

And we're back to that weird synth, and the same kick bass.

Ok, nice song. It needs better builds/breaks. Overall, the synths and mixing were excellent, but I really wasn't feeling the builds,

Also, where have you been?

10/10 for submitting!

GroundForce responds:

Wohoo! nice review!! ^^

hmm you don't like the builds??...yeah me too lol as i said i am very lazy XD i did this song in like 2 days ^^ wasn't myself expecting too much...

"Also, where have you been?"

my notebook got broken-down so i wasn't able to make music... but NOW i'm back ^^

thank you navij11 for this AWESOME review!! (maybe i will overwork the "builds" i'm currently working on another track)

thx² [GF]

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