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Karco - Message

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Author Comments

See http://karco.newgrounds.c om/news/post/42326 for details.

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yay reviewy!

since you complained with body language of the long review ( somehow, dont ask )
heres short positive 'n' negative
-nice epic feeling
Teh N3g@t!ve
-drums ( omg how did you managed to mess that up so badly )
- another offbeat bass! ( dunno if this good or bad.. ill leave it at bad :D just to annoy you )
- short.... ( explains itself. )
-uuh.. yeah...
- meh.

Karco responds:

I complained with body language... over the internet. I'm confused and have three minutes to finish this response. D:

Y-y-y-y-y-y-essss! :D
-Yep. ;D
-Yep. ;D
-Of course! :D
-Glad ou think so!
|\|0! D:
-How so?
-It wasn't offbeat...
-The file corrupted before I could finish the song. D:

Hmm, so mixed feelings on this one? Either way, thanks for the review! :D


I can barley hear that bass over those overpowering drums,
but that fixes later on i see(sorta).
Nice use of paino, sounds amazing!
Whole thing sounds really cool but way too short, and it's pretty much the same thing.
Well composed, though!

-A New Decade

Karco responds:

Glad you liked it - unfortunately, the .flp corrupted, so as much as I'm aware already of everything you pointed out... it's unfixable. D:

Thanks for reviewing anyway!

This is the song, right?

Or maybe it was another one? x.X

Let me know. :x

Always the techno guy, you :P

Overall, it's pretty cool. The arp is a little too powerful, and the bass is a little quite, it's got a lot of treble to it. Which isn't bad, it gives it a sort of floaty feel. The piano sounds great, but it's a little quiet. It also sounds a little out of key for some reason. Maybe it just needs to be a tad sharper, and a little brighter. It seems kind of out of sync with the rest of the mood.

The percussive elements all sound good, but they're still kind of generic. It's your average 4/4 kick, with the offbeat claps. The hats on the other hand have a really cool kind of roll to them, but they could be even cooler if they panned a bit more.

It's your average trance song, overall. It's nothing special or particularily unique, but what's there is done pretty well. I understand that you can't go back and do anything because of a corrupt file, which is a shame. This could be really cool with a few breaks. A lowpass on the arp, and a switch to a sort of broken up breakbeat with some bit distortion while the piano takes the real spotlight for a moment there would be really cool. Maybe even some strings run through a flanger or, better yet, the love philter.

All in all, at present it's an early demo. It's what you can expect of an early demo, that it's lackluster but full of possibilities. It's a shame it won't get finished because it could have been damn cool :D

Having said that, I'm fifenin' it anyway because I think your stuff deserves a little more attention regardless. The ten is just because I think ten stars look really pretty :X

Karco responds:

Yeah, this is the one, I haven't really submitted anything else recently...

Honestly, I thought the arp was fine, but seeing as that you and the other reviewers thought it was strong, I suppose there's some reconsidering to be done.

I'd have to disagree with the piano, it sounds in tune to me. I can see where you're coming from with volume, though. Unfortunately, the .flp corrupted, so I can't fix it anyway.

The average 4/4 kick and the claps on every other beat are part of a normal trance song - the only creative variation that's really left open to the artist (as far as I know and have heard so far in every trance song I've heard) is with the kicks and claps on the transitions, snare rolls, and in the hihats throughout the song. I'll definitely agree that these are some of my better hihats - adding panning might be a bit distracting to the listener in my opinion, though...

Interesting ideas you have there. Again, it's no early demo, but an older render of a project file that had come a LOT farther before corrupting and becoming unusable.

Thanks for the high ratings and the review!

very nice vibes!

i love the intro until 0:27. this arped sawtooth (isn't it?) is toooo loud. It just pushes back the whole other sounds.

the piano is GREAT! very smooth and clear!

the bassline is to weak. need to bee inproved but sadly it's an oldrender version =(

The kick needs more power in the lower frequentpart (60-120Hz it depends on the used sample!) when the mainpart starts.

sadly it's a uncorrectable version. i realy like it. It has a great ambiance!

maybe you can recreate it? :D


Karco responds:

Hey, GroundForce! Thanks for the review! Let's see if I have anything else to add...

I never considered that the arped saw (you're right :P) is too loud but I can see why you'd say that... personally I think the arped saw is just fine, I can hear everything else in the song along with it... augh, if the .flp was still working, I'd go experiment with that volume. But... :(

And same goes for the bassline. XD

Awesome that you liked the piano. It was going to play a much larger role in the full song... oh well. :P

I never considered changing the EQ of the kick midway through the song... huh. I can see how it'd work, though.

Not much else to add, glad you like it! As for recreating it... well, I couldn't try now, I've got another big song in the works and honestly I can't keep up two big WIPs at the same time. :P Maybe when I'm bored and don't have any ideas, I'll give it a shot - I could possibly make a new song entirely, based on the ideas I have in this song.

Thanks again for reviewing! :)


So I was listening to your drums and trancybassysynth for a while, thinking "that's it?" since it went on for so long- but theN WTF HERE COMES A HUGE FRIGGIN HOOVER ANd I'm like whoa n shit. Then comes a piano to say "calm down, calm down" and I'm still hyped on mushrooms n crackkkk, seeing things

That could be used in an analogy with the title too- you just got a letter, and you're opening it, reading some random stuff and then WHOA WHAT THE HELL I WON 999 MILLIONS OF DOLLERZ- but then you see that you can win even more, so don't go totally crazy just now

Nothing to comment on the drums, except that those varying pitch hats sound rather awkward. Kick and snare and clap and all that joy is well done.

Your bassynth seems a little bit silent- but ugh, I know you can't change that- in any way- now :(
It's a good synth nevertheless

That hoover is impressing, when it boosts in like "whoa", I don't think any other kind of introduction to it would sound better- a good thing with the fading you did here is that it at first sounds dramatic, but when it's in the next part it just sounds ravy and trancy and dance-to-me-all-night-long-ish. Well donez

cool piano

cool song

Karco responds:

Woah... in response to your little story thing... well, I'm speechless. o_O

That's actually no Hoover, it's a really, really reverbed arped sawtooth. I have no idea where you got the Hoover idea from. Don't those have all this weird pitch changing stuff, just by holding one note?

Hmm, that's not at all what I meant by the title. But that makes sense too, I suppose...

Huh, I liked the hihats. :\ Oh well. There's no snare, by the way. :P

That was one of the things I actually HAD changed before the .flp corrupted. :'( The bass was a lot more audible, though not overpowering, and I had made the intro a bit more progressive... augh, it was going to be such a great song. >:(


Glad you liked it, thanks for stopping by to review. :)

Credits & Info


4.84 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2007
8:38 PM EDT
File Info
3.6 MB
1 min 36 sec

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