Soul Mirror

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A lullaby for my future nephew, who will born next year. Also, for the DAC :). Enjoy..

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I think I was supposed to review this when you submitted it to the contest... which is... a while ago- anyway. It sounds pretty empty, which I guess is part of the point about a lullaby- still I sure could see you take better advantage of the sound spectrum. Eqing stuff a bit lower could always do wonders since there's practically no bass in it at all- and lots of trebley timbres in it. It is a wonderful composition nevertheless :)

Fuoco responds:

Yeah, I messed with the idea of adding bass. It'd certainly sound great with it, but I have no idea on how :(
I just tought that a kid's song should be all high notes... but there's always room for improvement!
Thanks SBB! I'm a sucker for reviewing ambient songs... but I still should review yours since you spotted higher on the contest :)

most exellent.

That was perfect. (except for a key change at 0:53 and 1:03)
as this composed with a xylophone and bell kit/glockenshpiel?

If so, that was even better, because then i can be reassured that there are good, honest percussionists left in this world.

Message me back!

Fuoco responds:

That was not a keychange, it was the same part using triplets.
It was composed with a celesta&glockenspiel, you might think it sounds like a xylophone because I used another instrument in very few parts, the prinzipal (can anyone notice in wich parts?)
Thanks for reviewing balthazar!


This song makes me wanna cry everytime i listen to it. It really is a beautifull song, im sure your nephew will love it. 10 stars hands down.

Fuoco responds:

Don't cry :(
It's not a sad song after all, but I guess what you say it's a compliment.

So thanks Sasori!

Happy Tears

I really thought that this was like any other ordinary lullaby. Heh... ok sure it is like any other ordinary lullaby that I would love listening to. At first it reminded me of that music box from Anastasia. Then I began picturing that mirror she kept looking into. By the end of the song, I couldn't help but think of the sound a small water droplet makes when hitting a larger body of water.

That's when I thought it was funny when I was still smiling while having the song run in the background while typing up this review. It was nice listening to it.

Fuoco responds:

I really can't remember that song from Anastasia, but I do remember it was great.
Water droplet huh? My grandma says it sounds like crystals. I'm not really sure what it sounds to me, but I like hearing stuff like this.
I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for reviewing :D

5'ed, Favorited, Downloaded and loved

brilliant and enchanting, loved how haunting it was, to me it came across as pleasant but still had an air or darkness about it (mind you though I've been up for ungodly hours) I'm gonna test this thing right now have it on loop on My i-Pod and just collapse in bed

also, im currently working on a flash toon, any chance i can use this for the credits theme? i reckon it would be perfect ^^

Fuoco responds:

I'm glad you liked it.
Of course you can use it, it would be an honor!
Thanks for reviewing Pandora :D

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Oct 29, 2007
8:32 PM EDT
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