The Time Before

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Changed the name, got into this cause it sounds slightly haunting..gotta love Halloween :P

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Sounds like a tune straight out of Chrono Trigger, loving it.


This reminds me of American Mcgee's Alice.


i agree with the below it reminds me of FFIII


Cosmos8942 responds:

Biggest reason there I believe is not only the atmosphere it brings to the table but also the instrument types used. With this one I leaned more towards a old-style [midi] sound with some more modern technology thrown in to give it a difference in feel.

Otherwise I thank you for your review, however short it was you still reviewed and that means something :)


Interesting song

If I hear this song I always must think about a hero who once lived in a nice and a land of peace. But later the harmony is out of balans cause the bad guy wants to destroy the land.
You can hear it from the song.
Then with a mighty army of difference races with each their own abillities and characterises wants the hero to strike back and save his land. But finally he failed and the all the others are enslaved for eternal.
That's what the song remember me about.

Kinda old-fashioned in a way...

Sounds like the village music for an older game.
Thats not a bad thing believe me its a compliment, I happen to love those types of games ;)

Cosmos8942 responds:

Those games are quite good. Alot of the new stuff has written off the good old story progression and character emotional art that is derived from just the base wording and minor character movement that is onscreen at any given time. In other words though todays games are pretty and have decent stories you just can't get the same feeling that you had back in the old Sega and SNES days.


Ah well though eh. Thanks for the review either way guy.