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Climate City Star

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Author Comments


Climate City skyscape split by some failing shooting star

Dying out, still burnin’ bright

But struggling to stay upright

Just to be seen trying at all with it’s clumsy stuttered stride

Would justify it’s purpose to be

Before it crashes inevitably

But ya know

That’ll take a long time

Just a tear streak cross to the Moon

Reflecting off a lover’s eye

Pulled towards a dram shop city square where all the crooked bad news resides

Where they soak your tongue in silver with drink

So your words are gold when you speak

And they all breathe smoke through a tight clenched smile and greet you with a spirit ride

But it comes as no surprise

That they only belt feed ya lies

And ya know

They all eat your time

It's just a drunk walk back from the zoo

Guided by the dying light

Well it’s all been said

Again and again

The dreams that broke your heart

Will come to amend

So don’t let it end

Cause ya know

I ain’t got much time

Just a brief glance back to the view

Of chances that I left behind

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I swear the vocals are pretty good and sound soooooo funny. I have never really liked the way guitars sound and you used one of my least favorite

ConnorDeVaux responds:

I'll take that into consideration next time haha

Awesome song, Connor!
I appreciate you being true to yourself and your music.
Very raw and beautiful.

Everyone has their opinion of how "someone else's" music should sound or be like.
I love that you continue to put out music that is genuine and not overproduced, remastered, and robotic lol.
Your music is that of a human being with feeling and talent.
Your music is humbling, just as you are, my friend!

Keep on shinning!!!

ConnorDeVaux responds:

Aww thanks a lot, it means a lot that you understand, tho I strive to be better when I can. Thanks so much :)

This song is great, but if i can nitpick a teeny bit, i feel like the instruments could be a little quieter to give your voice the the spotlight, and without the lyrics below the song i dunno if i could actually make them out. but besides that, The instruments used and the melody are pretty nice on the ears!

ConnorDeVaux responds:

Thanks ya I kinda pushed it out a little too early haha. Didn’t have everything I needed to record with (hence the lack of bass) and I had very little time to record haha. Thanks a lot for the kind review!

I love your work, you have good tunes, ideas. everything is there. But you fuck up mixes.

Do I go harsh? Your acoustics out of tune. Your tracks over levelled, centre panned with cross phase over the flange. It's a truncated central mix where nothing has space to shine or stand out. Your levels are clipping, nothing is eq'd. So your left with what could be great but is less than bang average.

You have 3 options. Get your thumb out of your arse and learn to mix properly. Get your thumb out of your arse and allow a producer to work with you. Or carry on doing what you're doing now, wasting some proper talent and never reach the audience you deserve.

I have remastered tracks for you, I have literally demonstrated how much better you could be.

Background riff with the hammer-pull slide hits the spot!!
Lyrics are good too. Rhythm guitar seems to either have a phaser? or sometimes it's a by-product of weird reverb from mic placement, in either case it kinda makes it seem a little out of place to me.

Love the gritty sound of that drumkit ! Did we get a little of-beat at 1min 50 sec ish? lol good work powering past it and recovering quick

Overall I dig the song, seems a tad bit repetitive, but the focus is on the vocal melody.

ConnorDeVaux responds:

It's just a Chorus effect but I think I had it up a little high then dampened it down, might've given it some kinda distorting sound like a phaser. Yeah, I'm trying not to pen repetitive stuff but i liked this one and I couldn't figure a fitting swing or change but that happens sometimes I suppose. Thanks a lot for the kind review :)

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2021
4:16 PM EDT
General Rock
File Info
3 MB
3 min 19 sec
  • Logic Pro
  • SM57
  • MPK Mini MKII
Misc. Kit
  • Frankenstein Drum Set
  • Gibson - Les Paul P90 Custom
  • Takamine & Co Acoustic Guitar

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