SysRq-The Last Color

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I've been working on this on and off for the past week. Enjoy, and please review.



That beginning is promising, wit h epic bell sounds, sad pads, fx and all that. So you'd think it woul be some epic awesome shit- but it didn't turn out to be quite that. But it's close! It stands pretty much on the same place in the beginning, doesn't move on before that piano comes in.

And when that piano comes in- well that piano sounds absolutely horrible. First of all it's off key most of the time, so it just makes the song sound awkward. And the piano samples you used are horrible. It kinda makes it sound more like the background music in sims games (which I don't like either). But that piano is mostly the only negative thing to say about it. I suggest you try find a better piano sound. Well I see what you're doing with the melodies, and they fit well when they're on key, it's just when it's following the main melody that it's too argh-ish

Drums- the hat rhytm makes them sound more like a professional song. The kick and snare thing works too and fits both hats rhytm and everything else, but make the kick louder, now it's hardly audible really. So it sounds like there's only a hat and snare.

I'm loving the pad you used, the sound of it is absolutely lovable, makes the beginning sound epic as hell. The fx stuff you sparely use through the song is good too, so it would work better if you used it more frequently.

The bell sound is another great thing about this song. The melodies sure as hell are great, and they fit the snappy light sound of the bell.I personally think you used that delay quite too much, and you hear that near the end hwen it's almost silent. But it doesn't mess up the track too much anyways, so really, it works perfectly fine as is.

Maybe I sound too harsh on the song but I usually point out the things that can be improved in reviews. This is a lovable piece of music, but some parts mess that up. If you just fix up the stuff I mentioned I'd like it much more but that's opinion. For now you get my eight and you get my four, good work, keep working on this a littlllllllllle

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SysRq00 responds:

Yerr, tis hard to make good things come out of FL Keys but it's all I got for now. I've actually been looking for a better sounding piano, but I'm still using FL Keys for now. And I worked hard on messing with the drum levels, and I agree that the kick was a bit neglected. Easy fix, though.

Thanks so much for the review, you've given me a LOT of good points to work on. I'm really enjoying working with this genre so this will certainly help me with my future music.


You did a really good job here. Everything accented pretty well. The melodies were pretty sassy. The rhythm didn't really impress me but that's only because I'm a douche when it comes to rhythm. I've been drumming for a long time so I enjoy hearing drums that make me think. Though the hi-hat rhythms were all right, but overall the beat was pretty straight forward. Ar!

It's pretty late right now where I am, so I'm having trouble thinking up things to say. I want to hear this tomorrow when I'm not so tired. Till then, you get a 4 a download and a metaphorical high five.

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SysRq00 responds:

Yeah, with the drums I figured I wanted to stay simple. My brother (also a drummer) thought it could have used some toms. I think I agree with him now that I've listened to it myself a few times. But thanks for reviewing/downloading/4ing/hi-fiving! XD


Its 2:30 here in Canada so this song is pretty much putting me to sleep.


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SysRq00 responds:

Glad I could help. Thanks for reviewing!


that was nice and cool... hypnotic and moving at the same time

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SysRq00 responds:

Thank you for your review, I like to think that people enjoy my music.

love it

The name of the song doesn't exactly seem to fit though, i was thinking of a winter or colder theme but it's alright. Very nice sounds, very crisp and clear for easy listening. i guarantee many people would love this song but only if people were to use the audio portal. truly sad.

D: [Solo Review Team] :D


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SysRq00 responds:

Thanks. My song name was supposed to reflect the feeling of loneliness that I was trying to create, though this was a rare instance where I actually tried to make the song name relevant to the song. (see Shit? Shit. Shit!) Thanks so much for the review!

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