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XLR Hangar - Tuner Groove

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Author Comments

For the Video Game Music Challenge

Choose a prompt, get accepted, make a song out of said prompt. I chose XLR Hangar, "Create a hangar theme for a game about anti-gravity racing set in the late 21st century."

I went for a junky rocky vibe. Borrowed a lot from Daemon X Machina and Armored Core Verdict Day.

Loops in the middle.

1 Feb 21 edit: Attempted to implement BlueCheeseCult and baryiscool's feedback. Hoping it sounds "better". You can compare the previous version here


YouTube version


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Interesting to see such a take on the theme, as the name suggests it definitely gives off a feeling that the emphasis is on the customization/tuning of the player’s craft. Actually the “junky” vibe can be quite fitting for the theme. After all it’s all about the infancy of AG Racing, and this brings out the unregulated daredevil side of that.

Listened a bit to the original version and indeed the updated version is miles better, doesn’t sound as booming which would have definitely negatively impacted the production value. In fact, the production quality now is quite high. Mix is very clear, and every sound stands out just right.

Now it seems that the track is essentially looped 2 times within itself, though the order of some sections seems to change a bit, they remain largely the same. I think it would’ve been nice to see some wholly new ideas in the second half, maybe presenting a section without the distorted guitar, or something else. As it stands it does end up a bit repetitive. Besides that, the arrangement is very nice (honestly, I’ve given up on trying to distinguish between composition and arrangement). Instrumentation is spot on, hearing lots of different sections containing lots of well-fitting choices.

Regarding the above (especially if you happen to read my other reviews), I’m glad to announce that in my ears you have nailed the snare sample(s)! Well the drums in general, as they are all around well taken care of both when talking of mixing and composition.

All in all, good stuff. Repetition aside all the aspects fall neatly in place. As with BlueCheeseCult’s submissions, I want to note that I’m in no way acquainted with this genre, so the comments I give tend to be fairly general. Thankfully BlueCheeseCult and BaryIsCool were able to give you helpful feedback ^^

(Also what the **** the guitar is a sytrus sample? How? *sanctuary guardians plays*)


Admittedly 1:24 was when I started to kinda lose confidence, like "oh god what do I do now", then 1:44 to 2:23 (before it loops) was "just getting it done" since the deadline was coming up. Glad to know that didn't go unnoticed hah.

The guitar part itself is pretty much behaving like a normal guitar (raw is fed to a mixer channel for distortion/effects). The "raw" is a Sytrus preset, I think under Guitar "Electric", one of the clean ones, but modified slightly. Then on one of the operators, I tie an automation to the volume Decay to simulate palm muting; with it I can also adjust how much of it. I would've used my actual guitar, but I've been having buzzing issues with recording ever since moving into my current house.

For the mixer, I have the raw go into one mixer, then "only" routed to 2 others. Both have the same distortion, volume and stuff, but 100% panned to opposite sides, with one side having a very slightly delay added before everything else for a stereo effect.

Greatly appreciate the feedback and I hope to see you again for whatever next music challenge!

I really like your take on the challenge, most people seem to have gone more of a soft-sci-fi route with sleek cars and smooth tracks but this reminds me more of something like Mad-Max-meets-Mario-Kart and I am totally down with that :)

Lots of variety in each section, I especially love that synth at 1:24

I think the composition is great. You always have something at the front of the mix, and that makes it consistently interesting to listen to. I think the vibe of the track fits what you described very well.

There are some things I think could be improved. First off, that bass guitar is way too loud. It muddies out the rest of the track and sucks a lot of energy out, I feel.

Secondly, I feel the same way about the hi-hat. The hi-hat is pretty piercing, so it can be just a bit quieter. This allows the other high-end parts to shine through just a little bit more.

Finally, I feel that the rythm guitar could have more impact if it wasn't panned off to one side. It's a pretty important part of the groove, right? So therefore we might want it to sit in the center of the track. Even better(in my opinion), is another thing you could do to make it feel even fatter and more real. You can clone that guitar track, and pan the clone over to the other side. Then, move the cloned track forward on the timeline juuuust a little bit, so it always plays a bit after the first guitar track. This emulates the typical "double tracked guitar" sound that's so common in heavy metal, and makes it sound really fat.

So yeah, that's pretty much it for critique. Turn down the bass and hi-hat a bit, and put the guitar in center or double track it. Those are just suggestions though.

I liked the song, and it definitely made me imagine a hangar full of scrap metal and smelling of gasoline. Good work!


This is some great feedback! I'm actually tweaking this with what you said. The hi hat and bass I can probably tweak and fix; I have a hard time determining if I have too much or not enough bass. The guitar I have to get creative with, since it's using midi/piano roll playback. But in the midst of typing this reply I found a way.

And putting a bit of what baryiscool said about a bit more high end, I'll upload a "fixed" version soon. I greatly appreciate this in-depth feedback.

(old mix in song description)

Hello ivelischpfuli,

Really good job, sound and groove! the idea of looping make it realy useable in addition of that!


Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2021
11:56 PM EST
General Rock
File Info
8.9 MB
4 min 51 sec
  • FL Studio

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