Some villain in my comic,i originally drew it on some random sheet of paper at my job, then scanned it and retraced all the lines on pshop, then i added colors and 2 layers of shades , finally i added some cool picture of a Moon that i browsed on google

oh yeah , he also pose as my personal avatar because that guy and I share lots in common

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fav add.....

can i uplode your artwork to youtube? im making newgrounds arts tribute

ZeWitchKid responds:

only if you give me credit for that pic

good but....

you could have made SICK BLACK FEATHERED WINGS you know? that would be cool, or bigger red bat wings. That would be cool too. nicely done other than that though

ZeWitchKid responds:

well the wings varies in size, usually they are retracted like that but they can extend for around 10 feet wide, plus hes only a half devil, if you are familliar with fantasy settings, i could say hes half incubuss- half dark elf, you will notice too that i draw this guy a lot, like i said in the description, hes some villain in a comic im currently working on, so he make his appearance a lot

as for the choice of wings, i made him a hell spawn,....not some emo fallen angel!!!
OO lol


it deserve a 5/5 , but if you answer to this, please do it shortly, i'm not english and i 'm a little depressed watching your responses, well made btw

ZeWitchKid responds:

not english as in??? i can speak french too if it suits you lol

Okay man, here we go.....

This shit is sick man. Good job with the colors and effects. Did you do this with a pad or did you do on paper first then scan it? I'm still trying to get everything I need for my stuff. I also scanned and colored somemore of my other stuff but then I cleaned it up on Photoshop. What would you suggest using?

ZeWitchKid responds:

i used both actually, i like i said in the comments i drew it 1st on a piece of paper, so i get the general ida, later i scanned it and retraced all the lines using my tablet,then added the colors and shades.
i recommend a tablet because it gives cleaner lines, when you scan stuff , the scanned image always appear messy when you zoom in the details, and the lines arent clean, of course you can always spend 1 hour with the effects in illustrator or pshop to clean the whole thing, but thats time wasted in my own opinion

i personally draw using inkpens, wich are cleaner than graphite pens, and still the images look messed up. thats why i prefer a tablet for CCG.

you could see what i mean by looking at my deviant art page, i have lots of sketches there www.ZeWitchKid.deviantart.com/gallery so you can compare scanned lineart VS tablet lineart.

however if you prefer to stick with scans, i dont recommend to use the vector functions in illustrator, while many artist use it, it tend to retrace some details the wrong way, and dont always get the curves right, instead...go in image > adjust >Levels and you can play with the light/gray/dark tones to make the image clean and clear, wich make it decent enough for coloring, i sometimes do that then correct the minor details with the tablet

i personally Use Paint tool SAI for doing my linework with my tablet, its a cheap and very effective program for designing lineart
because its small size ( only 3.9 mb Oo) and low memory usage ...you can make huge pictures 10k/10k pixels and up wich allow you to make very detailed pictures.
also due to its low cpu-memory usage, you can use the bulit in rotat tool to always get a comfortable angle to draw your lines, and it dosent take any loading time like pshop,plus paint tool SAI have a bulit in vector engine, wich allow you to combine regular line with vector lines, ( vector lines are considered as object, and they can be modified until you get what you want , it beats tracing-erasing for 15 min until you get what you want)

then you can use pshop to add colors and effects.

i hope it helped! have fun


but that guy and you share a lot in common? youre a girl gargoyle who perches on roofs at night with bats in the background? lol still its pretty epic looking keep up the good work.

ZeWitchKid responds:

gargoyle...close but nah, hes some half drow -devil i created to pose as a villain in some comic project im working on , but its still underway ( only 27 pages done and he didnt made his appearance yet Oo) i kinda made thiss guy to the image of my bad habits, in short hes arrogant,wild,bitchy humor,bully and evil genius

try to mix the mastermind from the swain ( wich i discovered only recently only to notice the similarity between his character and my character, im a big fan of mastermind, ^^) with a devil, invader zim,add some forgotten realms fantasy, and the joker in batman, you get the picture ? in technical term hes some kind of evil sorcerer close to a warlock, he can summon hell's legion to do his bidding, he never miss an occasion to play pranks and joke while abefore anihilating heroes and good-dooers, and he ( of course) always find a way to come back and annoy the heroes some more even after they foiled his master plan ...muahahaha

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