Last Laugh


Moondevil 2 ! ive been working slowly on this one since 3 weeks
there is around 69 hours of work on that baby!!

renamed "Last laugh" at the last moment, because that picture pretty much descript a maniacal laughter from my favorite character, Now Azalambel have a sidekick , a naughty succubus that i havent gave her a name yet

this picture is about two thing, crazy twisted perspective , and dinamic poses and emotions, lots of people noticed i dont draw characters in movements, just regular poses, as much as i can do its true than most of my digital pics lack movement, im gonna try to fix that here, as for the crazy angle, i recently visited a cathedral in montreal ( studying architecture, and as i looked up i got struck in place by the same weird angle and perspective, i made a tons of sketchs that day in order to get the feel of that weird angle and try to reproduce it on my next work

whew im glad im done with this one, soon il have to speed up AK collab sketches ( still workin on that ) and starting from january im gonna work for t-shirt illustrations, in a friend buisness, and probably skateboard's illustration design , plus my regular job...ARRRGH!

well, enjoy the view ^^

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Sorry it took me so long to comment on this....

First he wants perfect women you only see in fantasies and then he wants you to do a more natural looking pic. You can't have both! Anyway, trolling aside, this's a pretty good pic and there is actually one noticeable thing wrong with it. The chick with the red hair's left arm is either too short or her right arm is too long. Not by too much, just a bit. As far as with the former's gripes, nothing else is wrong with this work. The colors and contrasts are great. I wish I had an eye for coloring like you do but I won't get into all of that. Maybe we should do some collabo work together one day! I'm pretty sure we could come up with something that's truly fudging awesome! Nice work Zet!


This is epic. Tons of detail and awesome color choices. Hope that this is done again sometime.

Pretty F***ing Awesome!

I love how it ties into one of your former drawings, the Moon Ritual, and how the succubus looks like the girl in that pic, only possessed by an evil spirit. And the statues in the background help tie the connection with that.
The only problem I have with this pic is the proportions seem a bit off like with the hand on the statues and the hand of Azalambel are a bit too big. But that's understandable with the crazy perspective you got going there. 10/10 from me.

ZeWitchKid responds:

yes, its an effect commonly used in marvel comics, its calle dforeshotting, as surprising as it is every line of perspective fits, but since the angle of view is too wide and large ( a normal human eye cant focus entirely on that pic, it create an illusion of exxagerated depth and vertigo, wich is what i was looking for^^

as for the ties, thoses characters are from a comic im makin, although it isnt finished yet Oo


The perspective is powerful and strange. As a whole, it's great! The shading is wonderful and the colors work well, but I have some little criticisms to point out to you;
-The succubus' torso seems too short and her frontmost thigh is too thin.
-The statues' hands are too big; same applies to Azalambel.
-Why does the tiling end abruptly on the floor?
Otherwise, it's awesome. Keep it up.

ZeWitchKid responds:

a lot of people find Aza,s hand too big, i personally too but it was intetionnal to exaggerate the perspective , for the same reasons mentionned above, its all about lines tricks really. what i really did was squeezing the two horizontal perspective points, and stretching the upper one, this form of deformation create an illusion of deepness and might make you dizzy just by lookin at it

you might expect to see more of this kind of angles in the near future ^^

as for the hornet shaped succubus, well its mostly a matter of personnal preference, i love thin waists and athletic curves

and the titles floor slowly erasing is part of a way to create distance, as the floor expand the details become smaller and smaller until they fade away, same goes for the brick walls who arent entirely textured, you will seee that commonly in manga artwork ,

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Dec 3, 2009
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