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Goretober 28 - Rearranged


Until death do us part.

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"You sure it's gonna work?" Asked Vladimir. "Of course it will, tell me, has Tak ever failed us?" Answered Dimitri "Actually he did fail us that one..." Vlad was gonna rebuttle but Dimitri cut him off "But what matters is that this guy won't let us down like that other deal..."

Vlad and Dimitri where two Russian lovers, the only issue is that Russia is an extremely homophobic country and they didn't have the money to move to another country, so they decided that they are gonna make russia deport them. The plan was simple: Stick toghether... literally, the russian govenment would try to encarcerate them but would be unable to separate them without killing one so they would deport them. The plan was simple and one of their friends Takeo, Tak, Fujita was helping them.

As the couple got near the building they saw their old friend Tak near it "Hullo lovebirds." Say'd Tak "Not so god damn loud, the last thing we need is police on our asses and the last one almost got us busted." Vlad cussed "No need to be so paranoid, Tak, assured us that this guy is an expert, plus it's free, this guy only does what he does for the sake of experimenting, right?" reassured Dimitri, Vlad was alway the paranoid one. "Yup, the doc is a proffessional.

The trio enters the basement of the building where they are presented to a man in a bloodstained social shirt with hands covered in blood. "A-are you Herbert West?" Asked Tak. "Um yes you must be Mr. Fujita and those are our little lovers." The doctor responded. "Come in, i'm sorry for the mess i hoped you'd come later." The Doctor invited "Coffee? Tea? Some good ol' vodka, um sorry if i sounded a lil' racist there, but let's get to the point, what is exactly that you want me to do?" Herbert questioned. "We want you to conjoin our bodies from the waist up." Dimitri uttered. "Well then let's get started, while it may not seem like it i'm very higenic when it comes to surgeries, just lie on these tables while i wash my hands and get my tools, i'll be right back to sedate you two.

Ten minutes pass and Herbert comes back with a doctor bag. "Herbert, are you sure it's safe?" asked Vlad "Of course, but please call me Dr. West and if you end up dying i'll just inject you with this"- The doctor takes out a srynge with glowing green liquid inside -"It's a serum that i myself, it reanimates dead tissue."

As the lovers are sedated Herbert starts operating on them. After a few minutes the Doc decides to break the silence. "Well then, why the silence Mr. Fujita? It's always nice to talk to someone."
"Uhh wouldn't that just take away your concentration from your patients?" Takeo questions. "Nonsense i'm down in this dimly lit basement almost all day i would actually prefer to speak to someone." Herbert rebutles. "Um, what's that serum made of?" Tak asks "Like i would tell you, i'm sorry but i can't afford to get my research stolen." Herbert responds. "But are there more people who have these reanimating serums?" Tak tries to keep the subject "Yes there are some, but none of them are really successful, like for example, back in land of liberty there is a Undertaker that people call the Tall Man, bastard picked a great position to experiment, but his methods aren't as refined as mine, he turns dead people into zombie-like midgets. There are many more reanimations that i didn't make like the crystal lake incident, don't really know what reanimated that kid but he just killed everyone and everything that crossed his path, there was also a undead serial-killer cop that people called maniac cop like the rest just a mindless zombie, my reanimations actually remain cognitive... well at least most of them. Herbert responded "Wait, most of them?" Takeo asked surprised. "Yeah at the start my reanimations also where zombie-like with one in 30 actually regaining cognitive abilities, Doctor Hill was the first one of them, but that ingrate just betrayed me so i re-killed him to kill him."

Vlad and Dimitri woke up conjoined, vlad tried to get up but couldn't, this made Herbert notice them. "Oh you are finally awake, you may notice alot of difficulty using your motor skills, but i've got you covered, in a few month you two should be in fully revovered. I've conjoined you two in the middle from the waist up i've also conjoined your long intestinie's, and spinal cord, making you two dependable on eachother."

The duo lived in the basement for 4 months and witnessed the experiments the Doctor did, but where still grateful for what he had done, Tak brought them food every day and after recovering they got arrested and deported just as planned, a foundation had picked them up and helped them financially in america and they died a loving life.

A/n Yup sorry for another delay, finals are coming up, im trying to start writing in the SCP foundation but navigating and writing on that site is like peing glass and barbed wire, i've also started watching old horror movies that's why you'll see many references such as Dr Herbert from Re-animator, Crystal lake incident from friday 13th, Tall man from Phantasm and Maniac cop.

ZeTrystan responds:

Oh, a story with a good ending! That's not common, hahahaha.

I love how the simplest way they found to leave Russian was... this way. It's quite peculiar.

"It's kind of funny how life change and rearrange, no matter what happens everything ain't gon' be the same" ~ Logic

ZeTrystan responds:

Is this... a quote?

nah, because this is great and you'll get all the luvin you deserve! i volunteer.

ZeTrystan responds:

Thanks! :'o But you should not feel the need to volunteer, hahaha. Don't worry! ;D

Cool dude.
Wow i am the first to comment this art

ZeTrystan responds:

And you'll be the last. :'>

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2016
4:01 AM EDT
File Info
500 x 500 px
1 MB

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