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Zerodrk Khorne Berserk


picture of me in the mornings before i go to work and during work

ok now imagine this guy like 2.50 metter tall wielding an badass axe in the middle of a forest battle and not crap your pants at sight and for those that say "i wont"....BULLSHIT!!!

i think this is the first image i do from scrap that dosent end loking like shit...atleast not that much XD

1 cookie for the one that knows reference in detail

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Blood for the Blood God!

Awesome, now try a full picture portrait.

Zero-drk responds:

maybe...ill try to work something out dont blame if it sucks XD


i would like to see if i can make it a real life helmet still working on that if done ill try to post pictures


Amazing. You embodied rage in a helmet PERFECTLY. By the way what kind of army do you have?

Zero-drk responds:

thanks but cant take all the credit i searched for lots of angry skulls to get something i liked
and unfortunatly (i think its spelled that way dont know) i dont own a 40k army havent seen a shop around my area that sells and online its just not my thing

but i like space marines alot for the looks (for da emphaaar!)
taus for the tanks
but for modeling i would pick chaos space marines i seen some wicked stuff done plus i think they are flexible mood wise i could be wrong im such a noob in warhammer :D


Wish more people knew about warhammer man, because when i see this kind of stuff it makes me love it more.

Zero-drk responds:

i wish i saw more stuff from warhammer too i get amazed on some stuff here and there
by mare mastake i was intrduced to warhammer years ago and i love it :D

Good Picture

I like the detail work on the skull helm and the shoulder guards. In your next work, I would like the see a finished chest piece, though...

As for a "fluff" surrounding the Khorn Berserker, it is a mistake to think them " dull minded. The process of becoming a berserker is actually a modified lobotomy in which the medulla and prefrontal cortex (the parts of the brain that regulate emotion, aggression, and adrenaline production) are set into a state of perpetual overdrive. This makes them quick to anger (which is measured in nanoseconds), numb to pain, and overly aggressive to the point of killing both friend and foe with equal vigor (i.e. Khairn the Betrayer).

Zero-drk responds:

thank you for comment and your time

well to be honest it was just gona be just the helmet but i tought i would look to lonenly and stuff so i add all that stuff surprisly it came out decent XD those were made in just a few minutes compared to the helmet dude i had some many stuff changed here and there glad to see you still liked it

the chest piece was intented not to be shown any of it but i got greedy anyways i had no idea to what do for that part thats why i didnt anything plus i cant get classy and say the "theme/style" is intented to be that way but you know the truth

even the shoulder plate and guard are just there as extras and water marks they had no actual porpuse but i tought it would look cool

and i didnt know that about the berserk interesting :D

I know the answer

This guy is a devout servant of Khorne, one of the gods of Chaos from Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. In 40k he would be considered a Khorne Berzerker and in Warhammer i don´t know because i´m not familiar with WH only WH40k but it could be the same thing.the 8 pointed star on his chest is the mark of chaos, thewhite emblem on his face the mark of Khorne. Red is the color of Khorne because it´s the color of blood and Khorne is a sycho mas killer that puts people in bloody frenzys, his servants are usually dull minded, savage, numb to pain, and get into rampages. Chaos Berzerkers color their armor with blood from the battlefield.There bro, i like 40k (: obviously

Zero-drk responds:

YOU just won a COOKIE!

im a bit of a fan too XD

Credits & Info

4.79 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2010
1:01 PM EDT
File Info
1600 x 2000 px
212.8 KB

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