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Character Concept - Sharet


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I find this stupidly entertaining.

Sharet, the Spirit of Light.

Originally she was a tall, lanky beanpole of a woman who used a katana, more or less, and had the most radical, gravity-defying hair I could stand to look at. Fully armored, very serious attitude. That was the original concept for Sharet.

Then this happened.

Now she's a midget, still with ridiculous hair, but more in length than anything else. She weilds twin daggers (kinda liek Zenith does in HP proper), and wears bright colors and poofy pants. She went from a cool, collected woman to a hyperactive girl who's not so much serious as she does take herself far too much so.

Mayhaps that's part of it. The act of trying to be super-serious and mature is, largely, tied to people who are in all honestly trying to hide their immaturity a bit too hard. It's quite the silly little bit of irony.

More likely, though, it came about because I wanted her to be a good counterpart to Oku, who is a mischievous little mist in and of himself, and was roughing out the outline for Urakai when I decided that I wanted the first mission aside from "HOW TO PLAY" be tracking down a small, agile thief. I'd long decided i wanted Sharet to be the first spirit, and the little archer guy I'd envisioned as the third party member warped into this.

I have no regrets.

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you're getting there

I think you shoul make smaller eyes.
I know that every one have their own styles and we have to make what we're happy to make ;D.
hope I helped and hope you get better and better too \o/

ZaronX responds:

I tend to do larger eyes on purpose, but in this case they're markedly so simply because I felt it would emphasize how dang tiny she is in general.

For some reason my mind has begun associating bigger facial features with smaller people. I suppose it gives the tinier folk some manner of short cuteness.

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