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Dragon vs Kraken


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I love this scene! Could I use this for an album cover?

i like these 2 massive beasts going head to head. this is pretty intense, which one will prevail. great outcome of the piece

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Thanks, it was a thrill to start off thinking of the outcome of this art :)


Oh, I see it's a foggy day now. Alright.
The pic's very adventurous, making it a tangle of lithe shapes that are only distinguishable by their colours. The detail on the dragons face looks great, too.

Whilst you're looking at creating an unholy tangle, in pics like this composition is the key. Can you use your other tentacles/body to point you to your focal points in your image, or help you follow around the action in the image.

Otherwise I find the dragon head doesn't align itself to the body, and the rear horn should be rotated anti-clockwise to provide a symmetrical dragon head. Some more suggestions of mist wouldn't go amiss, and I think the mane hair could have used a bit more attention.

A good attempt, and hopefully it paves the way for more epic scenes.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

I guess I'm still a long way to go to understanding some key things in my art, I'll definitely keep in mind on ways to demonstrate "focus". Plus remembering to fix up anatomical problems >3>

awesome but unclear.

This has some great aspects too it, but imo it lacks definition and clarity. Don't be afraid to use some sharper contrasts eg. where the kraken comes out of the water. Slimy smooth things like the kraken's skin have edge lighting, that is to say; the edges where it bends away from the viewer are very shiny, so give them some hard highlights.
Contrast: the background is the same colour as the dragon's head and the kraken's suction cups... this makes everything blend in together... A good way to check the read of your drawings is to zoom out really far till you've only got a thumbnail sized image... If you can still make out what it's supposed to be, or where the areas of importance are it's okay. In your drawing the eye is drawn to the kraken's head, the dragon's hair and the tentacles around the dragons head. the dragon's head itself get's lost.
I like how you tried to use a bit of fog, but if you had drawn the fog behind the dragons horns and hair you could have made those stand out some more.
Anways, really cool drawing, just doesn't really work very well for me.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

I forgot about hard highlights D:, maybe because I was worried it might not fit in the foggy scenario. The dragon head color is white which is forced to look blue-ish and I understand what you mean since it blends with the color of the background. That zooming out idea is neat, but I've been working on it for so long, everything look alright to me lol, so I easily fooled myself. Either way, thanks for the critique :3


This is an awesomely terrifying piece. Great job man. Really.
the level of detail is just superb. Especially around the dragon's mask

I also love the texture.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Thanks kin and ah sei, alot of effort was put on the design on the dragon's face ;D

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2012
6:01 PM EST
File Info
1600 x 1508 px
2.6 MB

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