Joan of Arc


Version 2 of Joad D'Arc

So check it!

Also thanks for writing books for me to read on a doodle on a face that took probably less time to draw than for you to write out your biography. I don't mind critiques, but I mean on something that was titled doodle originally in the chat uhuh

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If showing despair and death was the intent here, tidbits of the 'horror' throughout her would have been better. If this is a continuity of the non horror version, then a full-blown horror face would have been better here to better show the contrast and amplify the horror. The swords could also have benefited from more detail and realism or just from a subtler way of presenting it, such as embedding them into her instead of making them float above her. If you were going for realism with the right side burning faster than the left side, it would be totally wrong as the fire appears to symmetrically encircle her. After reading the review below me I must admit the pupillary distance makes her look like a frog, which has nothing to do with the off-looking right orbit.

In focusing on the anatomy, besides how beautifully drawn both versions are I mean... the hole on where her eye socket should be is a little off considering how in Ver. 1 her eye is centered... but here, the hole where the eye used to be is slightly off left from the bridge of her nose and where the iris of the eye previously was.

In laymans terms, eye socket should've been drawn centered from where her pupil was before, unless of course that's not an eye socket and just a new whole that got blown up from whatever caused it.

That's my constructive criticism. Sorry if you don't like it, I meant no offense. A lot of artists hate being told something's wrong with their work.

Joan of Arc is an awesome figure in history, tragic, yet inspiring. I love the wings of fire.

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Mar 16, 2019
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