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Pokemon : Attack Of The Clones


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THIS PICTURE.. TOOK ME.. ALMOST TWO YEARS TO MAKE.. LOL I am a slow drawer I guess....... BECAUSE IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO MAKE I kept forgetting characters, SORRY YOU GUYS..!! Z___Z


This is showing all of the lookalikes of Pokemon!

NO TWO characters in this ENTIRE picture are the same character. All of them are ENTIRELY unrelated,
have entirely different back stories, different / unique costumes, different names (Excluding
Joys and Jennies) and have COMPLETELY unrelated personalities. They are their own characters who only happen to look similar.


Left to right, bottom to top.

1. Sir Aaron (Lucario & The Mystery Of Mew)
2. Riley (From DP)
3. Sparky (The Pikachu)
4. Ritchie
5. Pikachu (Buddy?)
6. Ash Ketchum
7. Pika (Red's Pikachu)
8. Red (Isamu)
9. Black (From BW)
10. Nicholai (Hoenn)
11. Nicholai's Mudkip
12. Pikachutwo (Mewtwo Strikes Back!)
13. Young Joy (Cruise)
14. Young Joy (Also from Cruise)
15. Nurse Joy (Darkrai Movie I think)
16. Professor Joy (Indigo League I think)
17. Excavationist Joy (Indigo League I think)
18. Snowpoint Nurse Joy (Snowpoint city, duh.)
19. Nurse Joy (Orange Islands)
20. Elder Joy (I have no idea... I think Johto?)
21. Paige Joy (DP)
22. Marnie Joy (DP)
23. Mother Nurse Joy (DP)
24. Nurse Joy (Joy, her first name) (Mewtwo Strikes Back!)
25. Beach Nurse Joy (Orange Islands)
26. Young Joy (Also from cruise)
27. Marina (Legend Of Thunder)
28. Misty (Games)
29. Kris / Crystal
30. Lyra (Heart Gold / Soul Silver)
31. Marble (Young Jenny) (DP)
32. Commander Jenny (I forget which movie..)
33. Officer Jenny (Orange Islands)
34. Officer Jenny (DP)
35. Officer Jenny (Viridian City?)
36. Silver
37. Brandon
38. Paul
39. Gary Oak
40. Green/Blue (Kai)
41. Lucas (DP)
42. Diamond (Dia) (Manga)
43. Sapphire (Manga)
44. Sapphire's Minun
45. May's Skitty
46. May
47. Ms. Berlitz (Manga)
48. Dawn
49. Princess Salvia (DP)
50. Gold (Manga)
51. Jimmy (Legend Of Thunder)
52. James' Mother
53. Brock's Brother
54. Brock Harrison
55. Jessie
56. Jessibelle (James' Fiance)
57. Brock's Brother
58. Byron (DP)
59. Flint Harrison (Brock's Dad)
60. Tyson's Meowth
61. Brock's Sister
62. Brock's Brother
63. Meowth (Team Rocket)
64. Forrest Harrison (Brock's Brother)
65. James
66. James' Dad
67. Brock's Brother
68. Meowthtwo (Mewtwo Strikes Back!)

Characters I forgot

Rui and Misty.

But that's because I already have Misty on here as older Misty, who Rui doesn't look like, and the point was no two characters are the same.

New Joy and New Jenny.

'Cause they haven't even officially been named or released yet, don't even have full body artwork. ^^; And I started this over a year ago--it was hard enough adding Black and Lyra in here recently.

Jolteon and Hypno

Aren't in here 'cause they're Pokemon but they're not actually characters--where as Meowth and Pikachu are characters who are notably unique. Meowth can talk, and walk upright. It and Tyson's Meowth are the only two who can walk. Ash's Pikachu rides on Ash's shoulder, like Pika and Sparky to their trainers.

Khoury and Max. I gotta add them too. ^^;

Officer Jenny & Nurse Joy

Only now do I realize I only put their special versions in. XD


lol kids shows in asia= swears and nudity!!!

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ZachsAnomaly responds:


ahh yes the good old days

when ashes voice wasent weird sounding

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ZachsAnomaly responds:

Never changed in the Japanese version--you should really look into it. Ash likes to cuss. =D

Good Work, Mate

Beautiful work, Zach. This is a truly good piece. The customized background for each separate section fits well with the trainers' aesthetics and personalities. It also clearly shows the animation's preference for recycling! xD

Overall, excellent job. It must have been a real pain to dig up each individual character's reference.

9 out of 10. I noticed a number of anatomical blemishes, most being oddities with arms. Everything else looks fantastic. Keep up the good work.

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ZachsAnomaly responds:

XD I couldn't draw hands two years ago LMFAO. Shoot me. Z___Z''' LOL thank you very much. <33

Ow my brain

This is butiful i must say, you have quite a talent there my freind! But i'm not touching this series with a 20 ft poll, not thats it's bad, just the clone count and the connections makes my brain hurt! 10/10 P.S How old is Ash now since he started at ten years old?

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ZachsAnomaly responds:

He is thirteen in the series now. =D Going to be fourteen. LOL. -Uber nerd.-

Respect ! :)

The designs are awesome,and the characters of pokemon too,your art deserves respect !

Good job man ! ;D

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ZachsAnomaly responds:

<333 Yaay~

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