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kim possible erotic comic

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2.00 / 5.00

May 14, 2017 | 2:25 PM EDT
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2008 x 3071 px
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Author Comments

i am terrible artist plz bear with it for now



Rated 5 / 5 stars

because i know you do what you do on purpose and like to make it creepy on purpose,5 stars because it fits your style.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

This is by far one of the ugliest pieces I have ever seen. Theres so much to explain. Each Frame of this comic is its one disgusting rant. I have to go on a rant about each and every detail, because it just Begs to be ripped apart like the dung pile it is.

1st frame is Kim Possible herself. First off it looks like her head is being consumed by her hair, giving her a sideburn that reaches all the way down to under her chin. One of her arms doesn't even look like its part of her. Its like someone glued a noodle, and attempted to put clothes on it. I cant even tell whats up with her hands. Theres no outlines what so ever. It looks less like gloves and more like she dipped her hands in cement. The pads on her fingers dont even match. One hand has Four fingers, The other has two. Her eyes look like she has been dead for the last six months.

2nd frame, Again, her arm! Her arm shouldn't bend that way! One of her legs is clearly bigger than the other. Not to mention the Thing I can only assume is a dress is Much smaller than her entire body. Christ, its smaller than her gigantic head! Why does the closet look like it was made by Tim Burton. Correction, Tim Burton from an alternate universe where instead of a director, He was born a nearly braindead retard. Her shoes look like they Fused with her legs, becoming part of her! Her tits are wonky as hell. One looks flat while the other is massive.

3rd fame is the best, But thats not saying much. Its here where I realize that, Theres nothing happening? What have we seen? We've seen the melted wax statue of a poorly made Kim Possible, Some Bimbo holding a dress with her glued on noodle of an arm, And now she kicks a door open. The Hell is going on? Is this supposed to be Kim herself? her Mother? The Hair is a Much different color than the first image, So It throws me off. One of her legs is, again, Shorter than the other, One faintly looking like a leg, while the other looks like a raw hotdog with a shoe ducktaped on it.

4th Frame, I initially thought that she was still in the threshold of the door, the first thing that might have been consistent between frames, But upon closer inspection, These lines are supposed to be a crowd of people. Her head looks like a retarded Power puff girl. Her waist is practically nonexistent. And her legs look as if she is some weird snake lady.

5th frame, Now we see her reaching her bendy straw arm in some fat dudes pants. The guy looks as if he painted abs onto himself, because those tits are larger than Hers. Her face looks like one of those cats rich people get. you know, The kind where they looked like someone hit them with an ugly bat. She has no Inner thighs. Just Knees and legs and feet. I believe that This. THIS is the picture you gave up on. The outline of the hair just stops, Even at the bottom you can see that it hasn't even been filled in properly.

6th frame, This is the best image out of the whole shitter. Though now the guy is much thinner, has a darker skin tone, He has the worlds tiniest abs. Her Eye is smaller than the other, The guy still has massive tits, She now has her bra off, She has that stupid smirk on her face. The one that Dreamworks characters always have. But hey, at least you remembered to draw a Dick correctly...Oh who am I kidding, Thats one really vainy cock you got there. He should probably get that looked at.

Now Normally I would not spend so long explaining why this shit is not worth anyone's time, But The thing that made me want to properly explain to you, are the comments. You KNOW you are a shit artist. You KNOW that this is a piece of shit. You couldn't even be bothered to give it your all. You just threw this out there, knowing that people would hate this, and you still did it.

And the most INSULTING thing...Is your patreon...You actually think this garbage is worth a Patreon? You expect people to Buy this shit? To fork over their hard earned money, for you to haphazardly draw this shit? This Shit isint worth the computer it was made on. Its not worth the plastic and metal that built up your computer, And you want money for art like this? Do Better than this! If you are gonna draw something, and ask for money for it, Make it worth the money! Make it Something people will Want to buy, instead of printing it out just to shit on it. I cant draw for shit, But Im not gonna start a patreon and beg for money anyway, Because I dont want to give people my worst. If you want to be an artist, Then Learn how to do it better than this MSpaint Cum stain.

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ZabuJard responds:

thanks still practicing passionate review


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Can you get ok at art before releasing it and making a patron this looks like a joke shit post are you even old enough to draw porn?

ZabuJard responds:

yeah im 25