world of swag 3: swagadocious


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world of swag 3: swagadocious


How did I get here?

There is art without substance and all form, shallow and artificial but still boasting something of technical skill that is to be at least admired such as a virtuoso working the cords of his instrument with no rhyme or reason but with absolute skill...and then there is Art with the pretense of substance, and zero form, whose lacking of form, technical skill and composition is somehow intentional and suppose to add another layer of depth to its already infinite meaning.

This piece, and in fact, most of your work, of course, is the latter. The idea being in most abstract art such as this that people assume that there is something to "get", that there is an underlying message or theme to be carved out and deciphered and not just a conglomerate of doodles and photos meshed with non-sequitur nudity and amorphous blobs. When in fact, it has no meaning what so ever, it means whatever you WANT it to mean and means something different to everyone else and that, my dear friend, is what protects all abstract art from criticism of any kind, because a critic can not pin it down and say "it fails to do this" because in reality, it never tried to do anything and everything you believed it to be doing which you say it failed to do, was merely the product of your own perception of the piece.

And you see, that is where I find my problem with this sphere of Art, and as you can clearly see, I am no friend of that train of thought and lack total respect for it. I find the works of amateurs such as yourself, to be pretentious and arrogant, attempting to be dramatic and meaningful but inevitably making a mockery of it. This piece, and most all your works carry the same themes, the same ploys and the same attempts to derive the same meaning almost obsessively with nudity, with the female form and genitalia in general. Honestly, it only holds so much real metaphorical value and you exhausted it ages ago.

This, along with everything you've ever made, can mean whatever you want it to, so I can only criticize what it is saying to me, and unlike those who might stare for an eternity until forced meaning is applied, and after exhausting all metaphorical meaning to this and its context, I must come to the expedient conclusion that this piece is hopelessly derivative and utterly asinine. It wants to be real art so badly, but by attempting to do so, misses the mark entirely. I write this review as to not only criticize this work but most all of your work which I have seen before and which all follows the same lemming like path off the cliff of "Try Hard".

If you enjoy it though, continue, hobbies are meant to be enjoyed regardless of the lack of skill or talent.


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yurgenburgen responds:

sounds like a you problem tbh

The "swag" just keeps intensifying in this trilogy. I do find the guy with boobs and the lady with a dick to be humorous though, nicely done trilogy!

I don't think this site can handle this level of swag.

This is swag-a-lackin

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