Mafia Queen


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An Original Character of mine, Anya, from a 'space-pirates' roleplay a friend and I did once. It was fun and epic.

Anya was born into a somewhat wealthy family on a crowded city-metropolis planet. She was bored with most things but was great with numbers (making money) and dancing. She became a dancer for a living and was kidnapped by pirates when she was barely 17. The band of pirates was over-taken by bounty hunters, and she fell in-love with the leader of the bounty hunters. She somewhat teasingly seduced her way into his heart, and got herself a job entertaining his crew by dancing. After getting a lot of money through dancing and gambling, she decided to part ways with the bounty hunters to make her fortune. It did not take her very long to seduce the hearts and minds of blackmarketeers into giving up their seats of power for her affections. Soon, she was able to buy her way into controlling the black market, through actual payments and payed assassinations.
The bounty hunters came to destroy the now more powerful black market, but when her love saw she was the leader, he told his men that the black market would be left alone. They were married and quickly had a child together. Her husband usually stays on their homeplanet (stay-at-home-dad?) while Anya travels the stars in search of adventure and money. Though she remains completely loyal to her marriage, she is often thought of as promiscuous. She acts every bit the airy, high-class seductress. Her weapons are throwing knives, poisons, and a bladed fan.

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Jul 8, 2009
12:28 PM EDT
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