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Such a mess is hiding behind my smile.


This is amazing, it's so emotional and expressive.
It almost has a Samurai Champloo feel to it. I bet if I played Battlecry and look at this piece it would flow nicely :)
Great work!

I really enjoyed this piece. As someone who has known many people who have suffered clinical depression this is a very evocative work of art. So much pain lies underneath and most people never know. It's a sad existence, faking happiness when so much is wrong. Also, maybe I'm reading too much into it, the muted greys say a lot to me. It seems like the medication my loved ones took to help only numbed them into general indifference. The pain was still there, it was just pushed underneath not overly different from their pretend smiles. Also all the little details are wonderful. The anxious clutching, the background steadily swirling into chaos, and keeping such accurate proportions over a dynamic scene is really amazing.

Bravo on saying a lot, with relatively little.

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Awesome triptych.
I just love the presence of the whole.
I really like the way the picture evolves, from happy, to screaming, the way the character changes a lot, and her surroundings (or background).
And I also loved the effect from the hair, as if part of the 3 states at the same time, even if that was unintentional.
I enjoy the color, I find it quite "part of" the style. It goes really well, giving a gloomy kind of atmosphere, also the girl looks pretty good in that shade.
I don´t think you should change THIS excellent work, but I really think you should work more like this, experiment on brighter colors, different shapes, but trying to emphasise on an evolutionary or morphing theme, at least I think that really works.
So keep it up, always up.

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Pretty cool you know, looks pretty cool, shades were cool, and the colors uh were like I said cool. You should improve the emoitions or something since they're pretty cool, but not really cool.

Overall cool.

I like the differant views

So I like the differant views on this one like sad, smiling and screaming so nice job, there, i was not too fond of the black and white style though, could use more color or just a touch of color like just having the eyes are another spot in each frame with some sorta color would give that area more focus, and also maybe focusing more on the three differant emotions at the same time, just an idea, to make it better, but regardless you have a nice edea here with the emotions and such great drawing nice shades and good design here, keep it up.

Well as mentioned some touches of color wouldnt hurt and might help focus more on the emotion idea you started with.

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Mar 28, 2012
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